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Well implemented puzzle game, the text below should be anchored at the bottom, with my screen resolution I couldn't read it caus it was above the platforms

Loved teh music, but I got stuck on level 2, it failing even though I still had a sheep left to feed the last wolf

If you are still interested in playing our game I just added a Mac Build, it's untested though, hopefully it works

I've added a Mac build as you requested. Note that I do not own a Mac so this build is untested. Hopefully it works and you can play our game :)

Hi I'm still under 20 rates. I was hoping I could get a bit more before the deadline. Please check out my game. We used the shader graph and some other tricks to create mirages in an endless world.

Hi, our game has 15 rates, I was hoping to at least get 20 by the end of the rating period. I hope you have time to try it out

Thank you! I didn't make a web build, it would be unplayable because of all the post processing and non-existant optimization. I don't have a mac so I wouldn't be able to test the osx build and I don't think I'm allowed to add a new build during the rating period. If you are really interested I can send you a untested osx build directly to you.   

Thank you! The goal was to make the player know which direction to go by gigantifying the objects you are looking for when far. It was suppose to give you a rough idea of where to go. But then of course the enemies where gigantified too so that you could confuse them with the boat parts. We also added gigantified cactus trees that recovers some of your stamina. The problem is that when you get close to the objects they get reduced to their normal size, so you might walk right next to one without realising. 
I guess we should have implemented a beeping sound that gets faster/stronger when you get closer to a boat part...I should have thought of that during the jam. Anyways thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! I'll check out your game right away

Nice little game. I'm just not good with those floaty controls on platformers. It seems like you took some insparation from Blackthornprod games by having the mouse uncover the truth it fits really well with the theme good job! 

Nice little game. I'm just not good with those floaty controls on platformers. It seems like you took some insparation from Blackthornprod games by having the mouse uncover the truth it fits really well with the theme good job! 

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah you're right I should have added a pause menu. And it could of had some text with the objectives too

Here are some gifs of my game I hope you'll like it.

Hey everyone please checkout our game. It's about a desert wanderer who tries to repair his vessel while stranded in a out-worldly desert. Try to find the missing pieces scattered in the desert before your stamina runs out. But be careful some monsters lurk the desert and they strangely have the same colors as the pieces you are looking for. Be careful as you get near your objectives as you never know if a monster will stand in its place.

We used Unity with LWRP and shader graph to make the mirage effect. And we used some cool tricks to have an infinite terrain.

I hope you'll like it

So many cool games. I hope you'll have time to play mine

Here is mine it is Windows download only. It has cool shaders and post processing. I hope you'll like it:

Please try ours. it is download only but that's because of all the cool shader and post processing we used to create cool mirages.

I must be a complete noob because I got stuck at the very beginning. I had a key but I couldn't open the door that was locked or the vent. I really liked the vibe of the game though.

One thing I would say is that you could make the movement a little bit nicer by having the player move at intervals when the arrow keys a pressed down. This would keep the turn-based movement while not having to press forward 5 times to walk 5 steps.

Here is our game:

it is download only because it uses a lot of shaders and post processing to create interesting mirages. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you! That means a lot to us

The music and the art is awesome! I only missed one achievement, couldn't find the secret key... I wonder how you get it. In terms of constructive criticism I'd say that if you could run faster and/or toggle the run action that would be great since you need to go from one point of the map to the other quite often.

Check out our game. It's all about mirages and visual deception mage with unity shader graph

I love the character animation... but man this game is hard. I rage-quitted after the moving platform bit. I really wish you had added checkpoints for each room. Otherwise excellent game with great platforming controls

This is our first 3D game we made for a game jam. I hope you'll like it:

I hope you enjoy our game!

Here is mine:

It's download only because the graphic requirements were too high for a browser game. I hope you like it!

Turns out the game was automatically added with I pressed the Create new project. It scared me for a second.

We are proud of our first 3D game jam entry. So please play our game:

Here are some screen shot


Hi I published the my game by I can't find it in the drop down. I never had that problem before. All my other games appear. Any ideas on what I should do?

Your game is great! I had a lot of fun playing it, it's a shame that the performance in browser is not great. Sometimes I had a hard time picking up the staff because the movement controls was laggy. But that EXPLOSION effect is really nice, I like the reference :).