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Dynamic Media Triad

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Color palette starts to look interesting, the interface is a bit all over the place but it is compensated because of its charm, music goes pretty well with the camera animations pacing and i appreciate these close-ups with the trees, ads a bit of mystery to the atmosphere as it reveals whats hidden behind. Runs really well at 4k 60 fps. Maybe would like to see more experimental camera filters added 

Thanks! What did you think about the demo?

The final game will have save states, it will be out in September. We're glad you liked the game :)


Awesome vid! :)

We love you guys :)

The full game is full of surprises. We can't wait for everyone to play it.

Thank you! Consider backing us at Kickstarter. 2 days left! :)

Thanks for playing our game demo and taking the time to report a possible glitch. You did get the sunglasses at 30: 35, if I'm not mistaken?

[SPOILERS] You have to buy the cap that Furrobotto's wearing (the shop owner).

Considerable performance upgrades and save games are going to be in the full release (aiming for September). 

This was by far my favorite let's play so far. Cracked me up. Thanks so much for doing it! Can we share it on twitter? :D

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Greetings, users!
Thank you so much for checking our game out! 

We just wanted to notify we've patched the game with a few bug fixes and added a few surprises!
Hope you enjoy!

Happy holidays everyone!

-Dynamic Media Triad-

Thank you for not letting the cringe stop you! We feel the same way whenever browsing on Facebbok tbh.
Brightness and other video settings will be available in full release, of course. ^_^

Thank you sooo much!!

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Hey community!

We're Dynamic Media Triad, a team of 3 from Mexico and we're launching a demo for our first game: Broken Reality.
We have both an OSX and a Windows version. We're looking into adding linux.

Broken Reality is a first person, single player adventure game. You will explore a psychedelic parody of the internet and collect likes to open up new levels. You'll also find and upgrade a set of tools that will help you solve puzzles and help NPCs out with their problems.

Please check it out, and if you like it, share it, and check out our live Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you very much for stopping by!