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ok so just finished. one woah didnt see that at all and love how its not impossible to guess (haha suffer from the vagueness anyone who hasn't played it yet)  just kinda sad we got interrupted although it makes sense but i really really want more already lol

ive been waiting for this

I feel teased about the shower, like dangling a juicy, meaty scene Infront of us but not giving it (completely intentional word choice)

For me it was the plants but ig gardening is a common hobby

it could just be the hair color but if that were the case  that'd be very confusing. I was thinking a certain plant loving character we know


On the topic of Crevan's scenes where can i get the third one?

I adore this game so far, it has an amazing sense of humor and all of the characters feel alive and not just like a plot piece. i can't wait for the next update! 

found this today. pretty cool although it doesn't take too long to run out of content. 

BROOOO You have me hooked, I just have to know where the story goes!!

Canto is really starting to grow on me, at first I didn't like him but with him not being too distant I find myself really liking him. kinda sad he's not on the market lol

dang it I was just getting ready to go to bed then I saw this update, now I gotta stay up longer lol

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total rank 40, i think i did pretty well. had a max combo of 19 too <3

edit. yay view mode

You're bacccckkkkk!! i missed you and your adorable game :D


I'm sorry for your loss, he sounds like he was an amazing passionate person and he brought the world of Lyre alive with his compositions. I would completely understand if you would want to stop working on it, it reminds you of him, but because it reminds you of him you keep working on it in his memory. Atmac, you are truly strong all of us in this community love you and I very much admire you. i hope in the time you take for yourself to grieve that you take care of you and again you have my sincerest condolences.  

with no sleep and very little processing ability i think i can see where its going or its much more complicated then my brain will allow

YOOOOOOO i was just thinking about this game. i was wondering if you were still alive and it looks like i get a treat just in time for Halloween too :3 <3

I just finished his day 7 and now I really really want his day 8 because I fell so badly for him and his teasing 

You are loved and appreciated thank you for blessing me with this

if anyone has the gilbert give me coke meme i need it please!

i saw it on here but i cant find it again nd its the only cure for sad

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bet, i did it on every platform.

even my facebook that has a bunch of family...

i feel you, this is the first time closing echo in 4 days(since i downloaded it) and it brought me pain to close it, im only two routes through but i wholeheartedly agree that this game is a masterpiece! ❤️

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how many of you dorks are from the discord? 

Oh you aren't? well join it we always enjoy new faces UwU

(We got memes...)

well it doesn't do much like if you choose Ranok there will be some bits of dialog that's him feelin remorseful 

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Alrighty i came here after playing Adastra and learning of Khemia and its inevitable rewrite, i cried at Adastra  and i just ordered the amicus plush im gonna write my experience here when I finish what is out <3 ~total Amicus Simp

edit: so far i love it, i really just wanted to see amicus and this game is promising me that so i'll keep a close eye on this game so that i can do more simping

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I just got here after finishing Adastra and crying thang god there's more

Ill add more when i finish what there is UwU

edit: ok i finished what there was, it wasn't quite what i expected but i believe it can be really good (even if im really just wanting more Amicus)

Nah you forget all your problems and get immersed in a new world sounds like a wonderful hallucinogenic

I just finished this masterpiece...

I cried over a game for the first time in awhile(not that long actually) and I'm buying the plush now i don't care if money has better uses i NEED this to escape my fear of forgetting this game 

Yeah he's seriously interesting just Dyne doesn't own his character  ;~;

You gotta download the most recent version, and I wholeheartedly agree on spencer he's such a good boy UwU

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Honestly, with where the story is going its going to be a masterpiece. 

Greatness takes time, so I'm very happy to see a creator take the needed time

(When it comes out ill buy it no matter how much it cost X3)

I can say without a doubt that even though I started the game 2 days ago and literally just finished  I'm going to buy these