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Cool game, visually looks great :)

Haha, I may have made it a bit hard tbf, even I can't get a score all the time

My cat says "Meoooow" (Translates to "Thank you!")

Managed to get trapped a couple times, but other than that it's sweet

Movement was a bit finnicky, but other than that it's pretty cool

Really cool. Had to give it a lower gameplay rating for... obvious reasons, but other than that it's really sweet.

Wish there was more levels. Otherwise, pretty cool idea

Not sure if it was intended, but I was moving REALLY fast. Other than that, it's pretty cool

Cool game! The jumping was a little unresponsive, but other than that, it was pretty good :D

Not bad, keep working on making games and you'll definitely get better :)

Cool idea! Definitely could have more levels, but I also understand that it's a jam game haha.

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Cool game. Movement seems a bit finicky and difficult, but I also could just be bad haha

EDIT: Itch accidentally made me post this 3 times lol, sorry

dude you're gonna make me have an existential crisis

Thank you! :D


Yours definitely looks interesting.

I'll give it a go later today when I have a bit of free time.

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'll check yours out later when I get some time.

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I think there's 6, but a few of them are super hard to find. One is just plain stupid to find lol. Getting the 3 main ones is pretty much good :P

EDIT: Yeah the electricity can get you even when it's off sometimes, but it should only happen once per level. 

Definitely will do so. I wanted to, but I couldn't get a proper build working on my mac.

Pretty good game. I feel like sometimes I get stuck and then I can't move until I'm hit though.

If you wouldn't mind rating mine: :P

Really good job.

Really well polished. Good job.

Here's mine:

I'll rate yours haha

Very fun(ny). Loved it.

Reverse movement is reallly hard to get used to. Other than that it was pretty good :P

I'll rate yours, here's mine.

but... you have to rate mine first haha

Here's mine haha

Here's mine. Only had 3 days to make it :P

Windows only :P

I know you probably have a ton of these to do haha

Here's another:

Here's mine:

Pretty fun. Jumping seems a bit off, but other than that the graphics and sound are great, and the narrative is good too.

Not too bad. Tip for the future, you can use Resource Hacker to change the icon for an EXE file generated by Godot instead of using the default one. It's what I did.

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Pretty good :D

Had a good laugh playing through it, wish it was longer with more mini games similar to pong.

This was my first Game Jam and it was super fun, and super stressful. Let's all thank BTP, Jabrils, Brackeys, Dani, Sykoo, and the various members of Brackeys' Discord's staff team. I just submitted, and now I can finally rest haha.

I would lean towards yes you can. I checked it out and generated some songs, it's pretty good. It says it's all royalty free, and it's a generator that you can control the output of, so I'd say yes.

Yeah haha. Got all the core mechanics done so far, and maybe 1/4 of the "levels"

I kinda really hope so

*Facepalm* I didn't see Jabrils' new upload until yesterday (he's the one I watch the most), and so I didn't know about this Jam. Time to get to work lol