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that's alright my first ever jam I didn't make the deadline because I was building to all platforms (it's why I prefer webgl now even though it can be annoying with the canvas and sizing) so I understand. Good luck!!!!!! :)))

I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately I have a mac not windows so I can't rate your game :'( good luck in the jam though

Thanks if I decide to expand on you can expect more and longer chapters

I'm glad you enjoyed it I did use assets from the unity asset store for the art, but if I decide to continue and expand on the concept I will make it completely original. Thanks!


I'm sorry for any bugs :/ it was a time crunch

Thanks for the feedback and for playing

Sorry about that I only had 2 days since I found out about the jam late so I didn't have time to look for bugs I hope you were able to get past it to see the rest of the game.

glad you liked it

free assets (I wouldve tried it on my own but I learned about the jam two days before it ended so i didn't have time) but thanks im glad you enjoyed it

noice could genuinely be a good one of those casual mobile games with some adjustments

welp we're in the same boat I just found out about it lol :)

Thanks for the feed back im glad you liked it that was actually my first attempt at any type of cutscene or anything and yea the wall jumps could have been better but with school and all i didnt have enough time to tweak them or make the controls how like i wouldve liked to. Thanks again!

I wanted to ask if there's a discord server for this game jam I feel like it would really help make the jam experience better :)

Don't Look


Don't Look is a horror game where you are being hunted by things that can only move when you see them. With no explanation or recollection of where you came from your only objective is to survive and make it out of that hell.

Good luck and remember: Don't Look where you aren't supposed to.


Thanks I'm glad you like it

THE UI DIDN'T WORK!!! I spent 3 hours trying to fix the UI which wouldn't render and I ended up just building the gameplay. No title or end screen in fact it'll probably throw an error after you finish the game.

I am now thank you again for making this and spreading awareness.

Thank you for making this visual novel/monologue or as you put it this shit "game". I relate all too well.

Wow that’s amazing here I was struggling to make tic tac toe without a game engine. Great job.

This. Is. Amazing. i really like the aesthetic and the concept I'm just curious though what engine are you using.

Okay I already went through the process with steam I was just making sure it was ok here. Thanks! :)

Hi, I've been working on a game I want to sell on this site but I am 16 years old. I have my parent's consent to do so it's just a matter of whether I should put my tax information or should I publish under my parents' names. I'm asking because when I asked steam support they said that I should put my information though I would need my parent's consent. Is it different here? I saw on another thread that it might be I just wanted to make sure.

Yeah thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it anyway.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you liked it though.

Thanks I'll keep that in mind next time.

Thanks i honestly didn't expect people to like it too much good to hear that you do.

yeah i recommend you put it in full screen so you can see the pixel that is the player

its oddly fun for m

after about 30 its just impossible to lose im already at 500 lol

this was because of a problem with friction i attempted to correct. My guess was that this is because the player colliders were uneven and I didn't realize it. Thanks for the feed back though and for playing the game.

OK thanks!

It's completely fine I appreciate that you pointed it out and that you played at all. Thanks.

Is the sound off a required tweak?

I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for pointing that out I suppose with the stress of time I did not realize that the UI had a different alpha.

Thanks I'm glad you liked it and I wish I'd have had more time with the sound and art, actually the old man that gives you the wand was supposed to be the player (why he says that he ran out of time) but I had already animated the current player and didnt end up having time to animate that player.

I did use a canvas but i do now realize that it may have been too large. Thanks for the feedback.

I actually simply used a tile map and added transitions so that it appeared to happen because of the background. I'm glad you liked it.