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Thanks :)

I used Godot Engine

Nicee ! I need to try it too  to see how it'll look 

Thank you, 

I did it for the lol xD, and this upgrade was the last missile upgrade and it gives you infinite munitions 

I just want to show the player there's a "secret" passage xD

Thank you, 

I will try to improve the game later

This is cool!

Thanks :D

Thank you,  much appreciated :)

Thanks, really appreciate it :)

Thank you :D

Thank you!, really appreciate it :D 

I wanted to add other enemies with basic AI like moving forward and swiming upward but I run out of time and the bosses are juste regular enemies but scaled up xD

Thanks :) 

The game reminds me of an old dos game called "dangerous dave", I must try a jetpack mechanic in the future :p

Thanks :) , 

I like the thick pixel lines and I wanted to try it on 84x48 resolution

Thank you :)


Yeah I rushed for the bosses because I didn't have time x) , I also wanted to add other enemies.

This is a nice game or app xD, Really wish we had something similar  in the 2000s

Great and fun remake! I really like the transitions

Thank you ^^

Thank you! 

I really appreciate it :D 

This is great ! Good job

وعليكم السلام

I will try to add a linux port 

for the source code, I can't make it open source at the moment

بارك الله فيك

Hi :)

i added indoor assets to my game asset for sale.

if anyone is interested in using it for 2d inspired arpg games!

Okay 👍

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الله يحفظك خويا 😁

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Hi :)

I finished up my second game asset I have up for sale.

if anyone is interested in using it for 2d inspired arpg games!

Yep, i took inspiration from it and from gato roboto

Thank you

yes i used godot

إنشاءالله :)

Thanks :)

Hi :)

I finished up my first game asset I have up for sale.

if anyone is interested in using it for 2d inspired arpg games!

Thanks Bro

Thank you for playing my game, 

Here's a video if you want to see all the levels 

The color red for the last 60 sec is a good idea :D , I'll try to implement it

For the lifes and respawn I just wanted to add some challenge without frustrating the player :p

Thanks, I used Aseprite 

Thank you :)

Good game, I like the 1-bit art style

The game is so cooool well done !

Thank you :) 

yes it' s possible xD, i did a gameplay of the game if you wanna see 

Fun polished game, well done

I noticed your name is "Lo3ba" are you arab ? I am from morocco :)

The game is super neat, I struggled at first to play because and i didnt read the description x)

The game also need sound to improve the experience.

Great game well done

The sun is cute and I like the animation, which software did you use for drawing ?

I like the game and it's art style, 

The game is little bit hard 

And i like how you can change the player status it's like an evolution game

I notice you can't die when you fall