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Just got all endings, what an adorable game with a really nice twist on the original show's ending! Your artstyle fits the characters really well - plus, Laura and Manatsu are written in a way that feels very much authentic to their canon counterparts! 

I did notice a few typos, but nothing that felt especially egregious. I can't wait for more - I'm so curious to see how the rest of the cast is doing! <3

Hello! I just discovered this through the GDC relief bundle, and I liked it! Despite not being very musically oriented, those songs resonated a little bit with me. Thanks!

A very nice and cute game! The presentation is also REALLY frickin good, congrats

No comment yet? That's weird.

Tangledeep is a wonderful roguelike, full of wonders and mysteries, while being really brutal at the same time. This game takes the traditional roguelike formula and puts it into a nice, JRPG-esque package, making it a great first roguelike for those who want to get into the genre.

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OH, thank you for reporting those bugs! I think I understand where they come from. Just to be sure, did you tried to view the Notes directly after reaching an ending?

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It's a strange bug that keeps happening, and I'm not quite sure why. Keep restarting the game a few times: Normally it happens 50% of the time.

It's quite obious when it happens: Normally, the loading screen at the beginning is barely noticeable.

Hey, the story is actually pretty good! Some scenes were really touching, and I globally liked the experience. It's your very first game, and it shows (There's a lot of beginner's errors in RPG Maker), but I've seen way worse first games!

I suggest you to look at Yume Nikki and its fan-games! I'm sure you'll love these games, and you could learn a lot by playing them.