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Thank you so much! It looks like the "did not respond" error happens consistently when we try to roll a pool of 0 dice.

My game group is loving the bot so far! However, bug report: we just rolled an 11 on a 1d10 sbr check? The person rolling had to try twice and got a "This application did not respond" the first time, which may have been related or may not.

lovely & gripping. bluebeard is such a weird & thorny fairytale and i will never get tired of adaptations of it. this feels like a really natural expansion & exploration. i'm not always a "gotta get all the endings" guy but i ended up getting there anyway, just because i wanted to read all the branches. [MINOR SPOILERS] i found myself really liking some of the overearly endings--bluebeard's frustration at the refusal to follow his script colors interactions with him down other branches really strongly.

wow!!! can't wait to play this one five or six more times

I really enjoyed these THINGS!

:') :') wow.... building a body to share and escaping capitalism............ that's romance.....................

oh, you've actually got to move the words out of your inventory into the zone with the cicadas and the tinted background for the audio to be played!

ty!! and thanks for letting us know. i.... do not know anything about how the itch app works with browser games but i will investigate

thank you so much!! yes, it's supposed to play voices, but depending on where you've positioned the words on the screaming hour screen it may take a while to start. if you happen to try again and still hear nothing, your browser/os/a screenshot of what you're trying to play would be very helpful for troubleshooting!

i rate this game 15 dolphbro reps out of 10. the ending made my heart swole

Thank you!! The music is on Carrie's bandcamp: It's track 5, "the weather shore".

the vibes are impeccable

good shit!!! i care these terrible academics. i want to know all their terrible academic drama

this is really lovely

If you click the little leaf emoji (🍃) underneath  each card, it'll take you to a download page for the mod! You'll also need SMAPI to make them work, which you can find here:

thank you nat!!! ghosts....i just think theyre neat*

*a good vehicle for sad feelings

thank you so much!! i hope you have a good walk

i just streamed this to my ttrpg group two of whom are former supernatural fans. we did a dramatic reading and it was great. 10/10

i love all of these frog friends thank you 🐸🐸

thank you sean!!!


gosh, thank you!!! i'm so happy it resonated with you <3

thank you!!

thank you so much!!

oh dang, I love this! just played this twice, all the subtle/less subtle ways things changed based on your choices were so satisfying to find

what a good lil dog!!!! and an AMAZING game, too

this is so sweet and your art is lovely!! in awe of the sky and the northern lights tbh

oh my god. i love them

oh WOW this was lovely

oh wow this is great, thank you so much!! it was so cute and i loved seeing how you interpreted each of the prompts!! i loved watching this sweet little mystery unfold... and i'm glad they ended up getting their reunion!

tysm onion!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it! <3

thank you so much!!!

thank you so much!! i'm glad it came across well... i actually wrote out all the void monster's dialog in english in one draft to help me figure it out

quite possibly the scariest game ive ever played 

i'm a fan of this unbranded sheep sphere fan game

wow! what a nice little reminiscence. thanks for sharing :)

magical 💖