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such a sweet and calming atmosphere! i loved this.

oh this is fantastic! delivers a really strong mood and a lot of really cool worldbuilding in such a small space.

ohhh this is lovely :')

thanks i'm crying now. this is so tender and lovely

OH MY GOSH I just finished all the endings and I'm so glad about the cuttlefish... blubble lubble lub, that DOES make sense. The art and music are so good and I really enjoyed this look into this person's world!!

If you hold down right it's like you're flying really fast and you occasionally catch sight of an onion zooming past. 10/10 slots on my GOTY list

thank you so much! the sprite bot challenge lives on in our hearts.....

thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

thank you!!!

thank you so much!!! it was a super fun challenge, i love playing with constraints like that....

Thanks again for this--super fun stream, and it's always great to get to see things you make through someone else's eyes.

thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

thank you so much!

thank you, i'm so glad to hear that worked for you!

well thank you so much!! i also loved your game, the art was cute as heck and the dialogue screens were so clever!

haha, probably less than you're thinking because i wrote a script to generate the darkened rooms for me, but thank you!!