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dumpling buddies

A member registered Feb 16, 2018 · View creator page →

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This game is so cute I must say, such a relaxing game to play :)) Love your work! 

I love Fidgey and this whole games series but I would like to request a game for Dick Dancer

The styling of the game is so pretty and with the soundtrack to accompany the play is just wonderful and soothing, keep up the good work ;))

I reached #1 and got 1700 points!! I love the colors of game tysm

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Hello I am Dumpling Buddy 1 and I enjoy weird indie games that really have no meanings. I've learned HTML, javascript, and python over the past couple of years and hopefully will create and share a game here.

Hello I am Dumpling Buddy 2 and i enjoy aesthetically pleasing games also dating simulators. Over the past months i have also been learning HTML and Computer Science, I hope to share my website soon and post about it here one day. 

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