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Don't pray for the devs. Support them. Support Eric (cboyardee), support Frankie, support Jesse (GZStorm), support Brian (rittbomm), support Lazrool, support Bisse, support all the togsters. They are all moving on to good things.

Still woulda been great to get the source to tactics B-ball ngl

I came here after playing the Early Access on Steam to download the old Kanye level and it doesn't run when following the old instructions using "Flash Projector Windows.exe". I get the same error %NaN% as mentioned in earlier comments.

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Did the developer's also request to omit the tactics game source? If not, is there any particular reason it isn't in the files? I understand this source drop is mostly a proof of work so I don't want to ask for too much. Considering the state of the demo being fairly complete I could see it being because it would be easier to polish up and "steal" it and make some sort of profit off of it. Correct me if wrong but I also recall something about it being a parallel project that was worked on mostly by a separate dev. Despite this, is there any chance it could be added?

I can't help but notice that the Tactics game doesn't appear to have the actual project gmx file. Was hoping to tinker with it. Oh well.

Thank you. Half a gig of raw assets and code from a game developer worth $120,000 + the unwritten value of their raw talents is priceless. I respect the individual dev/s who said they did not agree with how this was done but I am also a learning game developer/programmer who intends to support their future projects and I intend to use this as a learning resource. There are so few large scale commercial GameMaker Studio products that have been open sourced and out there to learn from that I hope if the devs read this they know I am genuine in my intent to use their work. I can dream up an ending to the game but no matter what I land on, it will always be a fan work and I would rather use the project to learn and adopt useful parts of knowledge to my own works. As much as I would like to devote a year or two to finishing Barkley or even just Tactixxx B-Ball, I know it is wiser to move on and learn from others.

Maybe it is the google/youtube TOS that is wrong

Woah that looks like new screenshots. Bio-synthetic TRex monster. Cool

I loved this when it came out It has a griminess that TTS doesn't have on the board pieces graphics and has a really focused art direction. For what it is, it's still great.

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After giving this about an hour and a half to 2 hours, I have some little bits of feedback.

  1. There is a good balance of consuming and sacrificing items however see note #4
  2. The quips from the monsters are very good
  3. Some monsters are very hard to beat early on, so it discourages branching off early on if I want to trying for higher rewards vs the risk. Instead I just want to figure out an optimal order
  4. The main boss has a good difficulty, where it is winnable and if you beat him and win the game, you still feel like replaying to see the other bosses. I can still see myself playing a few more hours in this version to see if I can find new bosses and items that branch off. I almost feel like there might be some intentionally really difficult content to discover late in the branch
  5. The boss hitboxes are somewhat difficult to judge (or maybe the player's projectile is too small)

Overall I am impressed with how nicely the game is presented and how neatly it was wrapped up for LD44. There is a feeling of completion and still wanting to discover more at the same time from the time I played. I would definitely play additional content in an expanded version.

I'm going to wait for the LotusPrince let's play. #1 reason is I'm too scared to enter the gulag alone. Perhaps add a "Peaceful" mode with no Hiroshi? Can you forward my feedback to P'Tony Dataworks?

How should I credit you for this? Vadim or YellowAfterlife or @yellowafterlife or something else?

Thank you so much. I wasn't expecting anything to come out of it. I am really glad you experienced something meaningful from it. That's what every developer wishes will come out of their games.