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Thank you. Half a gig of raw assets and code from a game developer worth $120,000 + the unwritten value of their raw talents is priceless. I respect the individual dev/s who said they did not agree with how this was done but I am also a learning game developer/programmer who intends to support their future projects and I intend to use this as a learning resource. There are so few large scale commercial GameMaker Studio products that have been open sourced and out there to learn from that I hope if the devs read this they know I am genuine in my intent to use their work. I can dream up an ending to the game but no matter what I land on, it will always be a fan work and I would rather use the project to learn and adopt useful parts of knowledge to my own works. As much as I would like to devote a year or two to finishing Barkley or even just Tactixxx B-Ball, I know it is wiser to move on and learn from others.