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We reuploaded a Linux Version (there was one, but it wasn't working apparently, and wasn't tagged as a Linux version...)

Hope this one works better.

Thanks for your interest :)

Tradimento community · Created a new topic Bug reports

Do not hesitate to post your bug reports here !

Really liked the game. But I like these kind of games. Hated the music, though, but that's just me :p

Technically, it's really good. Controls are smooth, and didn't find any obvious bug. If you were to work on this game I'd say that it's pretty hard to know what you are going to pick as a gun augment (put I'm being picky).

Definitely in our top-rated game, according to this GameJam scale.

Thanks a lot ; )

Indeed, we noticed the game needs some progression mecanics too. But 72 hours, it's kinda short ! x)

Hi !

Glad you liked the game :)

No, we did not implement any inter-planets physical interactions. Godot's physics engine handles it this way.

Thanks for taking the time to play them all :)

Hope you had fun. Here we learned that we have to make that "Help" button more visible/explicit, on the main screen :p

Great game !

Fell in love with the concept and the art really works.  A bit sad that you could get through the whole game by just clicking randomly (just watched someone doing it), and thus missing the point.

Hi ! Thanks for the feedback. You're right, the game could be improved with some time and love. Will see if that's worth it :)

A great idea : )

Simple and fun ^^

Bonjour ! Je viens de vous voir dans Canard PC, j'ai hâte de tester votre bébé. En tout cas le concept envoie du lourd.

Tous mes voeux de réussite, du fond du coeur !