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Ideally, it would be great to have a master toggle that shows / hides all map labels, with the user being able to hide / show individual labels for a finer tuning.

Totally love Perilous Shores! 

Is there a way to display more labels on larger maps? 

I.e. if I export a PNG and zoom it to 100% scale, a lot of the geographical features that do have an associated name in the interactive version (on left-click) are left nameless in the image file... It makes large maps unsuitable for orienting, as most of the reference points / landmarks etc are lost...

The artwork is gorgeous, too :)

Fantastic game, really well done. Excellent level design and very, very smart core gameplay idea. Enjoying it immensely!

Why don't you port it for Steam? The gameplay, visuals, sound and functionality are all rock-solid. Should accumulate a moderate-sized community and a tail of sales...

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A wonderful game! Enjoyed the concept, the visual style and the music. 

My issue is, when a text box is open that has multiple screens of text, I can still highlight and click a new object in the location. But instead of displaying the text for the new object, the game finishes displaying the previous text. It can mislead the user to think that the new screen of text is about the new object, when it's not. 

Highlighting objects should be possible only if no text is being displayed, OR whenever a user clicks a highlighted object, a corresponding text piece must show. 

A main menu would help, too :)

Lovely little game, as usual :)

I couldn't even finish Level 1, the damn eyeballs are too quick spotting me )))

Nice idea, though I would suggest ramping the difficulty gradually. That way the player won't quit after 5 minutes like I did! :)

Loved the story and how the simple "Find the differences" mechanics blends with it. This is a well executed game.  

Great atmosphere, nice art and witty humour. Exciting to experiment and discover the consequences!

That case where simpler is better. Thanks for the game!

A beautiful little game!

Simple and fun gameplay, nice cartoonish visuals. Well done!

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Great fun, as usual! Completed all 24 levels.

Thanks for playing! 

It was meant to be a thought-provoking experience above anything else. Made for a game jam, too - so yeah it's a short game :) I hope you enjoyed it! As for FPS - tried to optimise it a bit, but looks like there's still space for improvement...

P.S. Your video is restricted, but I imagine it shows a lot of visual lags. From my experience, the UX is quite smooth while playing but once you start recording the screen, the lags are crazy. Have no idea why though.  

Hi, thanks for your feedback! I'm still working on a big update for the game, but unfortunately it's very sporadic. I'll let you know as soon as it's rolled out. 

Sorry for the mess :(

Beautiful, as usual!

Patch 1.3 released!

  • Fixed game crash when closing memories screen without selecting any memory.
  • Fixed bug with final music piece getting shorter and shorter when rpeatedly clicking the clef button.
  • Added change of brightness to memories when butterfly is over them.

Patch v. 1.2 released!

  • Fixed game crash after replaying a memory.

Patched version 1.1 released!

  • Fixed bug where an extra clef sign could appear if player continued the game after playing the final symphony 
  • Fixed bug with items not switching back to minimised view after close-up
  • Fixed bug where final symphony plays together with the music loop of the room 
  • Fixed bug where the music loop of the room didn't restart after revieweing a memory picture
  • Fixed issue with the pointer magnetised to the right / bottom edges of the scene when close
  • Enlarged and slightly repositioned the Exit game button for improved reliability
  • Music now fades out when exiting game (instead of cutting abruptly)
  • Added a "Close window" button to exit the memory choice (butterfly) mode 
  • Added a "Replay game" button to restart the game without exiting it
  • Added frames around memories
  • Added animations to buttons when collided with pointer or pressed
  • Optimised technical performance during the butterfly catching sequence (reduced the size of butterfly timer sprite)

Hey Juan Carlos,

Sure, let's build something together! Any help is most welcome :)

Let's have a Skype chat this evening maybe? Anyway, drop me a message (Skype ID: dtishin) and we'll take it from there.

Thanks for your message!

Hi all, 

We are an improv two people team (solo dev + composer / sound designer) and we'd love to get a 2D artist on board!

Probably not going to make a point-and-click adventure but otherwise ready to explore any 2D genres and gameplay mechanics :)


Hi Alexandre, you do make really nice music pieces, absolutely love the "golden age of videogames" vibe! Immediately reminded me of games like Lands of Lore, Alone in the Dark, Dune 2 and Master of Magic.  

I'd like to team up if you are still available (and comfortable working together).

Caveat 1: I've been developing games hands-on for only about 2 years (but mostly full-time). I'm not a pro in any field but I've experience creating a game on my own in Stencyl - design, code, writing, 2D art, sound design etc. (e. g., work in progress). I've previous business and games industry experience. 

Caveat 2: Point and click adventures are not my favourite genre, so I was rather thinking of a 2D light puzzle / strategy / RPG-ish game with a strong narrative component, or making a weird blend of other stuff. That will of course depend on the jam's theme and your ideas, too... 

Please drop me a line if you're up to teaming up! :) 

Amazing work, as always! Hat off.

Great game - simple, sleek, fun and addictive. Nailed it!

Well, this is a gem! Very immersive - great atmosphere created by the theme, nice visuals, beautiful music and sound effects. Simple mechanics but deep gameplay. Also teaches you quite a few things about engineering, project management and medieval history. Well done.
P. S. Warning, this game is addictive! 

You're welcome! 

I'm working on a big AI / combat features update, so don't take the current combat logic too seriously :)

Hi, sorry for the silence - missed the email notification... I uploaded build 1.1.2 to
Please let me know if you still get the issue.

What kind of error did you get after being prompted to download the latest version? Do you have a screenshot by any chance? 

You can contact me at or Skype (dtishin) for support, it'll be quicker as I check these channels a few times a day. 

Thanks for your understanding!

Great graphics and simple yet addictive game loop. Well done!

An amazing game - great writing, artwork, music, and mechanics (attitude is a smart one!) All fits together seamlessly. A truly immersive experience.

Nice concept!

Fireside Hero is a strategy game set in a compact fantasy world that fits on your screen.

The idea behind the game was "HOMM meets Minesweeper". You send heroes to fight monsters, but you don't know where exactly they hide. So you buy rumours from NPCs, piece them together, and place flags on the map for your heroes to investigate.

The combat is turn-based with simultaneous resolution of rounds (think Rock-Paper-Scissors).

Other features:

  • 4 hero classes and 6 secondary skills 
  • Emergent story with bit-size narrative 
  • Dynamic map events
  • 14 monsters with cunning AI
  • 12 Artifacts and 6 consumables
  • Procedural generation — each replay is different 
  • Rich landscape ambience and custom music

Current stage: Playable alpha.

Your feedback and sugestions are welcome!