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Thanks man! Sorry for the late reply, I shall check yours asap :)

Thanks for playing man!

Glad you appreciated the game, thanks!

Thanks for playing and for the insights about some of the minor icks :D

Thanks for playing and the feedback! It may need some balancing yeah haha

Wow that's a nice idea! I like the graphics :D

My thanks!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! I just want to clarify in case it wasn't that clear, at one point of that battle, you need to die to switch side to prevent the other team from winning.

Nice game! I love turned based game, but a turn based game with a timer, that's like a real time turned based timer based game! Great job

Thanks for playing!!! And thanks for the feedback too.

Unfortunately game jams don't give unlimited time to get more weapons and unit types in there, but I will probably definitely add more when the game jam ends haha.

Some pretty fun stuff I must say, poor cows tho xD. The death sound effects may be a lil too loud, besides that, great game! :)

That's a pretty nice way of interpreting chaos haha
I love the art and how the music just changes to some intense stuff after 2 hits!
The blur effect is a nice touch too!

Great game :)

I will look into that, maybe who knows :) Thanks for playing!

That's a hell lot of score, thanks for playing!

Thx for playing! and thanks for the feedback!

At least it did the job lol, thx for playing

Thx for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

My very thx

The beauty of chaos hah

nice o7

That is a very interesting type of game. Reminds me of "edge of tomorrow", it was fun to discover the story behind that sleepy princess. The music is great too, good job!

That's the effect of gamejams haha

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Thanks! My friend made the music, he is really good at it. I'll make sure to have a longer loop if ever I update it!

Glad you adored it haha!

Wow haha, thanks!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! the drag feature will be on todo list if i rework the game!

Thanks! Glab you like the aesthetics :)

Glad you liked it!

At first I wanted to reset only the current level, but time got ahead of me

Thanks! Sorry if it gave you a headache x)

Love it! I love pinball games and that hit right into my heart

Neat effects! That soundtrack gave me some shivers haha. I like the concept too 

Nice game! it does have a high skill cap but I like it

Uniting people is always the good path haha. I like how building objects further from you makes them a hell lot bigger.


Can't hear you!
And Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

The big one jumping really adds a nice touch haha
A checkpoint system would be cool indeed

Thanks for playing!

I wanted to have a kind of simple looking cartoon-ish art-style and it ended up like that!

Thanks for playing!

I did considered putting a reset for box location but I was already on a debug hell mode haha, dragging them back is interesting tho!

mhm great game, I love the part when the the boss is on the center, pretty good circular motion shenanigans