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You may want to try this:

Thanks a lot, I will definitely be coming back here as soon as I have played this :)

This is a very nice game with some unsettling stuff in it, for sure. However, it kind of feels like an unofficial spin-off of Assessment Examination by Wenderly Games, with the beginning of AE feeling very similar to one of the sections in your game. Was it an inspiration? If so, it should have been mentioned in the game's description.

There seems to be something wrong with the MacOS version, it should not weigh 15 kB.

The game looks very good, but I couldn't really play it on NG (too laggy).

Thanks in advance <3

Now THAT was a game I enjoyed playing. Glad I didn't take a look at the snapshots before I played, so that I could enjoy every second ;)

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I played this game a few weeks after having downloaded it, once I had completely forgotten what to expect, and it just blew me away. Incredible experience with a superb soundtrack and splendid scenery. Thanks a lot for this game <3

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More of a take on human behaviour IMHO, but read what you will into it ;)

Or you may just go on the website (link in description on this page) and get a lot of info.

Amazing. Just... amazing. This game does not pull its punches (and as a very lonely kid turned misanthropic teenager turned barely functional adult, it hit me even harder).

Advice: play the game, then go to the website to enjoy the short movie that adds very interesting scenes.

J'essaierai donc la VO <3

This was a great game, I loved every second of it... Apart from the moment when it froze in the middle of the ending cinematic ^^' (I think my Internet connection is to blame for it though, not the game!) Kudos, and I will follow you "just in case".

PS : J'ai joué à la version anglaise par réflexe, je me referai le jeu en VO un de ces quatre :)

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Incredible game! I have only played (and finished) the free version above, and will definitely buy the extended version. Pretty great music, and level 3-X is a huge challenge. Had to spend half an hour on it to learn it -- 10 minutes later, I have beaten it in 1.7X speed, and my finger begs me not to go further today :)