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Drunk Sylvari

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Hi all, I’m looking to help out with a TTRPG so I can expand on my portfolio. I’ve got experience wearing a handful of hats, but mostly I’m a writer/narrative designer with a background in art. Feel free to check out my portfolios for both:

writing/narrative design:


This is all depending on how much work is needed with my current availability but please feel free to ask anyway :)

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

cool cool! yeah sure, it's drunksylvari :)

It wouldn't be weird if I got these printed as stickers... right? :')

No, I think the curve is fine! And even if it was steeper I think that would be fine too- There's a reason people keep coming back to Celeste classic or even Souls games haha

This was super addictive! Seemingly simple and yet I'm sat here trying to work out how to do each level and loving it. Great job!

I really like Chasing Ghosts! Most of the feedback from my submission was about music and sound. Won't be for the game jam at this point sadly but I'd like to add music and sfx to it in a future update if you're potentially interested?

That's great to hear, thanks so much!

The vast majority of feedback is indeed sound-related which is fair! But as you say, two weeks was a squeeze haha but definitely something I'm planning on looking into for future updates :)

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much! It is indeed HTML- Used Twine Sugarcube as a base and then spiced it up with CSS and JavaScript!

A lot of the feedback has been sound related which is totally fair. I'm planning on looking into options for sound, music and as you've mentioned, voice acting- No idea where I'd start with voice acting but I agree, that would be amazing!

This was super fun! I struggled to find the ship haha but was really fun trying to get to more health as fast as i can. Loved the 8 bit graphics and simple colour palette- nice use of music too. I enjoyed it :)

Great to here Luke, thank you and thanks again for streaming it :)

That means a lot to hear, thank you!

Massive fan of the aesthetics! Very dream-like narrative and feeling to it. One of the choices was surprisingly dark- and enjoyable! Looking forward to seeing how it develops :)

Really enjoyed this! Felt like it had a great Armoured Core vibe/inspo which I  loved. The dash button is so addictive and being able to change between a variety of weapons was awesome. Loved the ps1 style aesthetic too. Will be playing this again!

Found this really fun and challenging (although i couldve used a mouse but i was using a touchpad which probably wasn't wise of me)! Loved the ps1 style graphics and music. great work :)

Thanks so much! And thank you for spotting this error- this should be fixed now :)

So far, there are 2 endings and a handful of achievements depending on how you speak to Lena.

Update 21/07/23 08:07: fixed variable bug

Thanks so much- and many thanks for pointing out the alternative ending issue- I had made it quite difficult to get said ending, but the main issue was I'd made a typo in the original set variable! It should be more manageable to get the other ending now.

Update 20/07/23 20:41 : fixed placement of set variable typo

That's great to hear, thanks so much!

Ahh thanks so much- Turns out the index.html I uploaded hadn't updated to my most recent one, glad you pointed it out! should be fixed now :)

Update 20/07/23 15:50: fixed multiple achievements feature and broken variable.

This was lovely! The narrative was delivered so well