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Dont let the wrong people in, got it! this was a fun little experience!

I had alot of fun! the sensitivity almost killed me but that might be just my own experience. The environment was alittle basic, not going to be to judgemental on that but the art style of the characters was fantastic. well done!

wow this was an awesome experience! I can see this building on to something even better. 

wow this one got me pretty good. amazing job!

I have no idea what I was expecting. And then when it happened I was wondering what I was expecting. Great short game.

had fun playing this, I wont spoil anything but more encounters (even alittle) with the "bad guys" would have made it that much more interesting. You're definitely on the right track. Thanks for the game!

First I will say that I called this a demo, which I hope it is. There is so much more you could add on to this easily! Everything ran smoothly the audio and art style was immersive. Great job, look forward to whatever project you have in the future!

I wont say it's to short but I will say that for a 2D PT style game I would have loved more! I hope this isnt the end of this title and would love to see a story built from this. You seem to know what you're doing, amazing job!

This was for sure a strange one but I enjoyed playing it! ran in to a few bugs which I kept in the video but nothing to crazy for a prototype. Yes it was short and the only thing I can think of would be to add more to the story from the description of the 4 people. The voice acting gave this great immersion and it played pretty smooth, so I have no complaints really. I feel like you could add more to the suspense/thriller, as in it feels a little empty so pack some stuff in haha. Overall i think youre on the right path, great job! side note I honestly dont know if i missed anything.

I wish this was so much longer but alas, I will not complain about anything that Vidas puts out. This title felt more on the strange side than horror and I'm all for it. I really dont know how to describe this experience, feels like the twilight zone haha. great job as always!

I really have no important feedback to give on this game. What gameplay is offered is honestly really fun. The only thing I could say would be to add more into the game, it seems kind of empty but the dialogue is great, the cardboard cutout moving was awesome, and the spider ( I called it a dog for reasons I cant exactly explain) was nice but had a short appearance. So ya, All I would say is this was awesome and if you add in this game, add whatever you feel is right. I experienced no issues, Great job!
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I had alot of fun playing this, It is pretty straight forward and the only issue I had was the queues at the end for the choice, I also could find out what the key was for but I managed to get both endings! great job!

I thought for sure, after every review that I read through that I could find something in this game. After multiple hours of gameplay, and finally accepting defeat. I will admit, that there is nothing here.

Man, that dream must have effected you in some way haha, for gameplay experience I wouldnt say I was terrified but wow was I on my toes through this cause i was for sure creeped out. The 2D aspect was super cool! well done!

This was fun, the only thing i could say is to add some sort of environment in the house rather than just blank rooms.

For what gameplay is available its very interesting and fun! I would say for $3 its a bit to short so hopefully you have more coming out with it which I assume you do. I made a video on it but unfortunately the audio was corrupted so hopefully we see more soon, well done!

your game, it scared me. well done!

My only complaint is that its to short! In all seriousness I thoroughly enjoyed this game, especially for how long it took to make it. Hope to see more of your stuff in the future!

This game frustrated me so much, I love it. I ran in to the house owner way to many times. excited for the full release!

Extremely short but satisfying!gameplay starts at 11:40

I think this has to be the best Vidas game ive played so far! Both hilarious and at times had my bootyhole puckered up!

This game gave me a headache....Love it! haha

I never though I would get jumpscared by a manakin but I did. The red room was really the only thing that threw me off oddly but not a bad touch, the scares came perfectly so I really dont have any negative feedback. some things seemed off to me like minor grammar but that may just be me. Well done!

Gameplay starts at 13:42. Neat little experience, wasnt to hard and a good time waster. well done!

I have one complaint about this beta, it was way to short haha. It was just long enough to get a grasp of how the game looks and plays with a bit of story and it looks amazing and plays very smooth. I am extremely excited to play the full game when it is released, well done!

gameplay starts at 9:58. This was my first experience with any type of this genre of game and I really liked it! The events leading up to the end really kept me on my toes and started to get frustrating and tense. great job!

First game i have played of yours and i was completely entertained, i like how short and linear it was but still had an awesome storyline. great job!

gameplay starts at 17:18

Extremely short which is fine, that being said the outcome was cleverly done in my opinion. great job!

This was the first visual novel that I have ever played so I will admit it was kind of slow for me, BUT I will say I really enjoyed what was offered in this. The voice acting that is in the game now is really funny and I cant wait for you to add more voice lines in. As far as the writing goes which is the life of this game, I have nothing to complain about the story and direction is amazing. Well done! 

I enjoyed it, and I'll definitely be back. I have no doubt you will come out with something awesome with this one!

Gameplay starts at 11:47. I have to say for how short the game is, it is extremely creepy. I dont have anything to criticize on this game other than it could have been longer but thats not a bad thing, well done!

Gameplay starts at 7:37. I highly doubt I completed this and it oddly updated as I played, but the concept from what I understood is very cool! I will say like someone else said is at one point I heard the tv in the basement and about had a heart attack. Well done!

Ending's A and B. The game is very unique, very short and easy to follow. I like the concept of playing through the VHS tape. Well done!

This game was extremely out there, in a good way haha. The graphics take me back to a simpler time of gaming and the story was very weird. Only thing that kind of annoyed me a bit was I couldnt hit the boss for the life of me. great job! 

That clears up alot of things i was questioning, you really had a nice vision for this one. Well done!