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Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback!
Now I would like to offer some context. We made this game first as a prototype in a course (1 week of production time, playable here: and then worked on it another 2.5 weeks.
2 of the team members used the game for their thesis about reflective game design. The abundance of products should make players experiment with their effects by observing the immediate and long-term environmental changes they cause. There is a "good" "medium" and "bad" product in each category.

I haven't played too many physics based tomato plant simulations in my browser game days but I can live with having a nice but un-original game :P The text in the store does experience some scaling issues, I give you that, but it is readable if the game is played on a Computer screen.

You are the first person to dislike the sound that much and your word choice is a bit harsh to be honest. My assumption would be that your TV speaker boost the mid to high frequencies too much (or are straight up trash) which make the trumpets (that emulate the buzzing of the bees) seem very loud or unpleasant. If listened to on headphones they are mixed in a way that they are often barely noticeable to avoid being annoying in the first place. I really have no problem with critique towards an aspect of the game but I don't write that I want to scratch my eyes out after reading feedback, I write "Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback" and I am sure that if you would have given me feedback in person on a show floor your word choice would have been more constructive. That was at least my experience when interacting with you in previous years. 

I am still salty about the way you gave feedback about the music I made and I would ask you to play the game with a set of decent headphones and check if the "I want nails in my ears" feeling persists. Like I said this most likely has to do with your TV speaker setup. I am not above being told that something I made sucks but you are the first person out of 100 people with such a strong, hurtful, adverse reaction to it. I am going to refrain from becoming mean back now and just appeal to your humanity by asking you to imagine that you stand in front of an actual human being when giving feedback on digital showcases in the future. I was genuinely surprised and disappointed by the tone of your words after having interacted with you in person and having experienced you as much nicer during those interactions.


PS: This is my personal response to this comment but this does not necessarily reflect my teams opinion. 

I personally am a big fan of just letting the plant grow wild. Happy to hear you enjoyed the game!

Fun, chaotic experience. We struggled with picking up stuff at times and I think the time limit for setting a scene is a bit harsh for first time players. I do very much love the whole "getting caught on camera" moments when you dont get out of the frame fast enough as the second player!

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This game has the coolest page in the competition by far! The game itself is similarly cool and very polished. The editor is more intuitive than a lot of 3D programs :P The only part where the game is lacking polish is in terms of SFX... I want hover and click sounds for Buttons and maybe some sort of "fake language" like in Animal Crossing. I would have loved a WebGL version...

Happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience! There is no real "right way" to do things in the game, it's about pursuing your self set goals and experimenting with different approaches of how to achieve those goals, so it sounds like you did everything right!

Thank you for playing!
Cutting works best if you keep the mouse button held down and then "swipe" through the stems.
We are happy to hear that we succeeded in providing a charming experience for you!

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Happy to hear you enjoyed the game! Even happier to hear that learning transfer occurred :P Good luck with your real life tomatoes!

Happy to hear that you enjoy the experience!

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Fun collection of competitive games! Cool that you have a WebGL build! I found the controls difficult for the "snail-race". They were ok during the "nut-hoarding" game mode, but they only felt really intuitive during the "pecking-competition".

Player 2 during the "pecking-game" needs to press "enter" + "Arrow-Down" to peck, not  "enter" + "arrow up" as indicated in the otherwise very helpful keyboard layout animation. This might lead to frustration... I also haven't gotten the "snail-race" to finish (don't understand the win condition... Did a lap in both directions and it wouldn't terminate after either). I also struggle with the "effects" displayed in the middle of the screen. How do I activate those?

This might seem like a big list of issues but I have to say I really enjoyed these three games and could really see this as a super fun arcade setup on a physical show floor! There are a lot of small polish details that are nice as well, and the arts tyle of the game is really cool!

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The goal is indeed for you to figure out the exact effects of the different products through experimentation, so keep playing and you will figure it out ;P 

We are happy to hear you enjoyed the game overall! 

Having a WebGL build is the ultimate hack to not only get a nice big red button linking to your nice looking itch-page and away from this one. It also means I can "walk up to a game" and play it immediately! Good Job! Super fun game as well!