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You're probably playing on a harmful operating system such as Windows.

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hi, thanks for the review :) The comparison with AAA games is correct.

As for the second part, I think you completely misunderstand my point because you're too indoctrinated by the system, not sure if your brain can comprehend what good technology and selfless behavior means at this point, for you it's probably better to go and consume the latest GPUs and AAA games instead of playing this game. I don't aim for success, I don't aim to satisfy consumers, maximize download count or create anything that should be consumed, I don't take part in any revolutions -- I've never never been fan of guilottines and stuff -- and about Godot, I just don't like retarded technology that makes the world worse and enslaves people. Also for the love of god don't give me advice on how I should write my software please.

Thanks for the review, have a great day <3

love and peace

Gamebuino library was a little friendlier but Pokitto has a living and very active community and that's far superior IMHO. Calling the library functions is the easy part, learning C++ will be the difficult part and that's where the community will help you. BTW the library in which I wrote this game (SAF) lets you program the game so that it will automatically run on both Pokitto and GB meta, without you having to worry about Pokitto/Gamebuino specific code, and it will also run on PC etc.

It's easy to either nerf demons or boost a tower in the source code, but I suppose you don't know how to compile the source, right? What system are you playing on? Windows I suppose? If so I'll have to set up the cross compiling framework again which will take some time but then I could upload the modded version for you.

Oof xD Thanks for the feedback!

I kind of intended for the demons to just destroy you, they're supposed to be like the last level that's almost impossible to beat. But indeed I may have balanced something wrong... is there any specific level this is related to or you just mean they're too strong in general? How would you personally "fix" this?

Thanks, yes, I upscaled them from the original tiny sprites by firstly using an automatic pixel art scaling algorithm and then manually fine tuning them, which of course took most time, a lot longer than I expected.

This is an awesome, awesome game, simple but very fun to play. As I only play libre games, I am so happy that this exists, thank you for your work :)