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Oof xD Thanks for the feedback!

I kind of intended for the demons to just destroy you, they're supposed to be like the last level that's almost impossible to beat. But indeed I may have balanced something wrong... is there any specific level this is related to or you just mean they're too strong in general? How would you personally "fix" this?

I mean every level, cant get past map 1 lvl 15 with these, personally I'd make them either weak to another form of cheaper tower, OR make the fire towers buffed 1.5-2x

It's easy to either nerf demons or boost a tower in the source code, but I suppose you don't know how to compile the source, right? What system are you playing on? Windows I suppose? If so I'll have to set up the cross compiling framework again which will take some time but then I could upload the modded version for you.

gamebuino, also i'm just wondering, would it be better to learn c++ using gamebuino or pokitto? gamebuino community seems pretty dead or close to it so I feel like I'm gonna struggle getting past a certain point learning there, but pokitto isnt dead but the tutorials are obismol and the code seems way more complex so harder to learn in the first place

Gamebuino library was a little friendlier but Pokitto has a living and very active community and that's far superior IMHO. Calling the library functions is the easy part, learning C++ will be the difficult part and that's where the community will help you. BTW the library in which I wrote this game (SAF) lets you program the game so that it will automatically run on both Pokitto and GB meta, without you having to worry about Pokitto/Gamebuino specific code, and it will also run on PC etc.

thats cool af, im currently learning pokitto, i started today, already wrote my first tutorials for it too

i noticed the tutorials weren't the best for beginners so i decided to make my own

maybe even add something like at level 30+ ALL enemies start to slowly replicate themselves on death like the spiders