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Yeah, there will be no ingredients in Book 3. I'm spending more time expanding the Kingdom Events instead; I do however need to make sure they're removed from the Elsewhere events.

Book 2 has a partial Android  build. The problem is that Android needs to stick <2GB for the base app, and Book 2 is 5.4GB. I can side-load some stuff (images), but when I set up that system it didn't support videos (of which there area  lot of in Book2). So even with all the images downloaded separately, and with video resolution reduced, I'm still at 2.5GB, and the app crashes on start.

I'm trying to work out a solution for that, but... that's why there's no Android build atm.

It's already updated on Book 2's Beta Branch on Steam. Because I use Steam for testing and development it's always getting the latest version first.

Steam announcement here:

Yeah, I agree. There definitely will be more little things like that where cleaning out the sandbox didn't get everything.

If you see anything, let me know and I'll update it for the next build.

So the Beta testing path is only for Steam builds. There are 3 branches of the game:
- Default (Just book 2)

- Beta (will have completed Acts of Book 3 as I finish them, nothing yet)

- Development (advances as I make the game, but obviously not cleanly wrapped up).

The steam key is right now only for Book 1 (which has Book 2 on the beta branch)... I'll need to go ask Valve for more keys to do key give-aways for book 2 as well.

Not really a bug (except he should probably disappear after training you). It's because he's just supposed to show up during morning/evening, not night. 

There is a WebGL demo of Book 1.

I haven't done one for Book 2 because it doesn't make much sense without playing Book 1 (they're designed to be played back to back, so while there is a "the story so far", you really want to have played book 1 complete first so the setting makes sense.

Ah, cool. Thx :)

You scared the hell out of me there :)

Weird; I just downloaded it on my side (win64), and it unzipped cleanly. 
Are we talking about or What unzip package are you using?

That's not good. What's the error?

I had to switch to a new system, because I'm above the 4GB limit has on uploads, so it's possible there's a process issue. I'll get it fixed as soon as I can diagnose it. 

Okay, I'm restoring the Act X build (0.6.7c) while I wait. Turns out the finale for Book 2 was a LOT more intensive in terms of video usage than I'd realized, taking the build from 3.7GB (below the 4GB threshold) to 5.1GB, and making them refuse to host it. I'll see if I can get that limit lifted.

No, I'm trying to fix it with; basically the final build of Book 2 is 5GB, which seems to break something internally for them.

I've contacted tech support to try to fix it. Will get it back up ASAP.

A thousand :) 

All I'm sure of is that I don't want to make this into an eternity game; I know the final scene of the game, and after that the characters will live happily ever after. Too many great fantasy series have been spoiled by overstaying their welcome :)

Worse :) The final days have hundreds of MB worth of animations, and those don't currently go into external files. I need to go back and redesign some stuff to get it to work properly.

Yeah, someone else reported that one; I need to check what's going on there.

Thx, I'll have a look.

Glad you like it! :)

Wow... that's curious; I'll check the incorrect URL on today's steam build, thanks for the heads up.

As for what Steam's up to... I wish I knew. That's deep inside their system, and I have no real insight into it.

Emily and Bella disappear for a while in Book 1 (going to Camelot); once they return they should be selectable again.

You can enable debug menu (Ctrl+J) and see if the flags NO_EMILY and NO_BELLA are set,  and disable them if they're there.

No, this is a "world expansion update", so it can be played at any time in Book 2. Basically it's about extending the sandbox, so there's always enough optional things to do.

If you've already finished Act IX, and ONLY want to play this content, you can load the ActIX End automatic save; Emily will welcome you back to Camelot. You can then play as long as you want... once Act X is done, it'll ask you if you want to return, and it'll set your savegame up to be back at the opening of Act X, though you keep any stat increases, updates, resources etc .


Katie speaks Scottish, and so uses the original Scottish/English meaning of billion:,5753,-61424,00.html

(A little outdated, perhaps, but nobody said Bellanoch was a modern kinda place)

Glad you're enjoying it ;)

The fun part of making a game as a single dev is you can focus much more on what makes YOU happy as a creator, and hope that it resonates with others. 

Not yet; I've been fully focused on telling stories from King's Dragon. And there's a LOT of stories to tell :)

It's because Molly's the first one I railroad you into; Katie, Bella and the rest you have the option to turn down, or just avoid, but Molly you're going to screw whether you like it or not.

It's also a very different relationship (though MC doesn't know it yet). 

Short answer is that it's still there; I'm trying to put the 'launch book 2' to be only on the beta path, but something weird is going on with the launcher.

If you go to E:\steam\steamapps\common\Love of Magic\Book2 (for whichever folder is your root steam installation), it'll still be there. BUt I need to sort out how to get the launcher to work for Beta (and only beta) players.

Oki, will have a look, see if I can find out what's going on. 

That's... strange. I'll have a look tomorrow :)

One time. Once the data is downloaded it's stored in the cache (until you delete the game, or use an OS cleaner to flush it).

All of the existing files (minus saves) are removed; it's essentially replacing the fodler.

Yeah, I drop the resolution a little (especially on the videos), but even then I worry about file-size. Book 2 is now > 2GB even after crunching the videos and images as far as I'm willing to take them, which is why I moved that onto the Cloud.
For Book 1 I think I'll be able to crunch it down < 2GB even with the videos, I just need to sort through things to get there :)

Okay, version 1.1.9b is up, which fixes that (and a few other small typos / image issues).

Yeah, I saw it. He was missing his hitbox. I'm uploading a fix for that (and the corrupted OSX archieve) now.

Thanks for the heads up, and hope to have it fixed in 30 mins or so.

Yeah, I found a bad bug there; I'm updating now.

The problem with OBB and other expansion files is that it requires a level of technical sophistication to install manually, and most people won't do it. Book 2 is set up to side-load now, which needs to be connected to the net before it will start, but afterwards should be safe to play. 

No, it's just playing with an AI. Adverserial neural networks are getting a little better, but they're not at the level where you'd be able to make a full game with them; too unpredictable. 

Pool update is at the tail-end of the current story. Make sure you finish the rest of the content, and that you've gone suntanning with Maria at least once. 

Latest public release is attached to this message :)

Also, as an customer you can redeem a steam key; the steam beta branch updates as I add more content (just added more today). 

Glad you like it :)

Act VII+ is out already. Working on Act VIII now. 

They're two different world-quests.  One (The Mermaid) only shows up if you're alone, the other (A Small Favor) only shows up with all three chosen in your team.