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That's really weird. Check now and see?

I think it might have gotten deleted accidentally; fixing that now, thanks for the heads up!

Hi. Stagc; you can still download the full book 1 (Act I-VI) on the page.
I had to split it into two (eventually three) apps for two reasons; one, because the size was becoming too large (especially for mobile); the other was that as a single dev I was struggling to test that new functionality didn't break existing content... so a situation where for the example the new character selection screen introduced day 118 could break an event on day 14. 

For the key, I'm not sure what's going on there... all I did for was load it up with Steam Codes. Try again later, and if that doesn't work, drop me an email at and I'll get you a new key.

Hmm.. Unity's definitely more memory hungry than RPGM, but at 2GB RAM the SM-T 385 should be more than capable of playing it.

Getting feedback data on *why* it's crashing is a pain on Android, though... I don't know if you're someone comfortable with ADB? If so I'd love to see a debug log. If not I need to go spend some time poking at it, see if I can drop resource usage. 

Hmm.. that's curious. What's the brand of your HP? Could you play the game before?

Max texture size for the 'fullscreen' images reduced from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024, and the videos encoded at 1/2 resolution (desktop uses 1920x1080 resolution). 

There's two reasons for that; lower end handphones struggled with the memory load occasionally (especially the videos), and once the full game exceeded 2GB Android flat out wouldn't load it. 

Not done yet; working on Act VII (the first act of Book 2) now. 

Once it's done, it'll show up as a download on the Love of Magic page for everyone who bought the game. 

Glad you liked it. Things do get rouchies in Act II (the demo was just Act I). 

I'm hard at work on the first Act of Book 2 now, called We March. 

Included in the purchase. I'll upload the next chapter here once I'm done with it. 

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Well, Netflix had to start somewhere :) But yes, I agree the downloadable version is superior. Music and video streamin can be slow on WebGL. Rendering wise it's actually quite painless, but it's not as if it's a particularly demanding game in that respect.

Love of Magic savegames are platform neutral. You can copy them to and from PC, Mac, Linux and even Android.

Here’s the save-paths for the various platforms:

%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Droid Productions/Love of Magic

~/Library/Application Support/Droid Productions/Love of Magic

$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Droid Productions/Love of Magic

( %USERPROFILE% ) is a windows shortcut; you can replace it with c:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]

If you’re reporting a bug, the easiest thing to do is just zip up the whole folder: that gets me log files, quick- and auto-saves as well as the specific file you’re talking about.

Make sure you get 1.0.7; I fixed a bunch of little issues with it.

All 3 books will be included in the single purchase. I'll put it up once Act VII (the first act of Book 2) is up. 

Ouch. I've gotten a hard optimization pass done; memory usage is <250MB (it was 4x that), and loading times have been cut by a lot. We're testing to make sure it hasn't broken anything else (so far a lot of little bugs have been stamped out). Once that's out, hopefully we roll it out first week of January, as previously.

That sucks... I've heard some PCs having that problem at start, likely caused by the video playing as the game loads; I'm going to just strip it out. Apart from that I'm doing an optimization pass this week, hopefully I'll have a beta for testing sometime during the week.

H always does show/hide, as does central mouse button. 
I really should disable the hide button in poker games anyway.

Yeah, it's been a march. Hope you enjoyed the game... now onwards to Book 2.

Glad you like it!

That's not great. You're on 0.6.22b, right? I had a bug in 0.6.22 that caused the Overwrite button on savegames to not properly update, and it would lock the screen... sounds like that could be it.

If that's not the case, let me know your platform, and I'll see if I can pass you an updated build to fix it.

Could you also get me the savegame and the player.log file? They're here

PC: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Droid Productions/Love of Magic
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Droid Productions/Love of Magic
Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Droid Productions/Love of Magic

Thanks for the feedback. The one-click leading to 2 click is a weird one; not quite sure what could prompt that. 
Name input sounds an easy bug to fix; will get on that.
Auto-saves were by design; lots of people manage to delete them, after which they complain that they lost them :)

It'll rewind you once the next Act releases (hopefully this weekend). You'll start at the same place as you ended the previous act, but with cash, stats and side-quests intact.

I do feel kinda bad for what I did to Thor. But I needed a likeable bad guy, and Thor fits that role well. If it's any consolation, Val's not any happier with him than you are with me :)

Odin's actually the God of War of the Norse Pantheon, but I didn't want to go there. Odin remains supreme (something that's touched on at xmas eve in the beta version), Thor got the Mantle of the God of War. And will... possibly... get a redemption arc. I'm a sucker for redemption arcs, as seen with Molly.

I *just* finished book 1; the latest beta (0.6.20) in Discord completes the story. It's still got typos, I'm still dealing with a good End of Book screen, and there's bugs I'd like to nail down. But 0.6.20 is (as of 2 days ago) the first time you could play the game from beginning to end of Book 1. 

Weird... will definitely check it out. I took a break to go hunting for WebGL stuff, but I need to check it out this week. And finish LoM's main story-line... pushing myself to try to finish the end of day 115 this weekend :)

The resort generator is in the basement (accessible from the lobby). I've seen some reports that others have had problems finding it; will see if I can upload a new version with that fixed (I'm the coder on this project). 

Which platform are you on? Pass me the save file, I'll have a look. 

Savegame Paths:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust

Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust 

Yupp, two other games. Love of Magic is an Urban Fantasy VN/RPG (that's where my Sig is from). 
You can find it here:

I'm also the programmer on a project called Paradise Lust:

Weird. I haven't really touched Making Movies for well over a year, though, so it's possible updated Android OS releases change things. I might go re-build it some day, see if I can fix up any Android specific glitches.

If you're on windows, just copy this line into Explorer:
 %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust

(%USERPROFILE% is a variable; it maps to wherever your c:\users\[USERNAME] folder is).

Then just zip that folder up. You can send it to me at

%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Droid Games/Making Movies

Uploading now!

Most of the girls are Bs and Cs; Olivia, Sarah, Jannice and Diana are the only ones with a larger bust. Partially that's just personal preference, partially it represents the fact that they're all high-performance athletes of different kinds (Martial Arts, HEMA and dancing), which tend to not lead itself to a lot of body fat.

I think that might be a bug; I've had that report before. Testing a build now, hope to get it out over the weekend. For now; CTRL+J, then go to the Exec Action filed, type Add=Chloe.

thx! :)

I wandered a bit deep into the rabbit hole of animation; for Act IV I cheated mercilessly, then got cocky, and made act V's animation all from scratch. It was... a lot of work. Many square pegs were hammered into round holes. The end result has a million ways it could be improved, but at some point I needed to admit to myself that I'm a programmer, not an animator, and get on with the story.

Yeah; known issue; they weren't included in the adressable files. I'm fixing some other bugs people have reported and doing a bug-fix, hopefully in a day or two.

That's weird. It should end in an "end of act" sequence after your rescue attempt. What device are you on?

It's a tradeoff; I started off doing a lot of side-events, but then people get upset they miss out events. I could provide a laundry list of "go here, do that", but I personally dislike what that does to the organic exploration of the game. In the end, there's a single "core chain" of events tied to the timeline; each day progresses the story, whether or not you've done side-quests. In this I stole quite shamelessly from Persona 4/5. There's various side-quests and events, but I've shied away from 'bad' endings; I find most people just roll-back if they're aware they screwed up, or get frustrated if you don't tell them you screwed up something until 30 minutes later. So it's an affordence problem.

Anyway; the core story is unmissable, since it's on a timeline. I made the choice that no matter how  you play, the core storyline would be winnable. The rest (~1/3 of the content) is optional, and based on the choices you make and the places you visit

Thanks; I found out what was wrong. Basically a build snafu caused the build to get 300MB larger, going over the max 2GB limit. Uploading a new version now.

Yeah. The two assets you want are Dicktator (G8M) and Golden Palace (G8F)

Yeah, you can go to rendering and switch from IRay -> Basic OpenGL, that renders an animation in a couple of seconds / frame. I'm using that to lay out and time animations. Note it's still not enough, since you don't see shading and lighting, but it's a lot better.