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Yupp; there's essentially 3 'story' events. The first is Black Rose II (triggered at night in the cafe). The second is Snowdrop's Adventure (triggered from Crowley in the evening, after your first upgrade). The Third is the Fae Lady (triggered from Crowley at Night, once you've upgraded it far enough). In addition to that there's a bunch of side-events, slice of life events with Dylan, Emily and Olivia, as well as upgraded dialog when you rest in Elsewhere.

It's likely the chmod issue. OSX and Linux users need to manually add the executable permissions. 
Then chmod +x Love of* (to give it execution privileges)

I need to find a better long-term solution; it's happening because I dev on PC, and it has no knowledge of permissions.

It'll auto-save at the beginning of that, you can use "Load last Autosave" (or the rewind button) to restart.

Actually changing it so it doesn't auto-start is a huge change that would end up breaking lots of things (people choosing to not go school, etc).

It's a timing bug; it shouldn't open until after the beach party scene. Fixed in the latest beta.

Sorry, for some reason I'm not getting notified when someone posts here :(

Discord is :

Expect theory-crafting, bug reports, people arguing poker balance and the occasional WIP art asset or spoiler

It can be used once per trip to Elsewhere

It'll keep everything; only difference is it will reset which day it is

Yeah, you can play with all the various stats in the cheat menu. There's a "Force Day Start" or similarly named button on the top right of the Cheat menu, just type in a date there and press the button, and it will jump to the morning of that day (but ignoring any events you've already completed)

It's a Cheat function, so click on Ctrl+J to activate the Cheat menu (top right corner, looks like a Bug).

One worry is that because you've already played through act III's ending, the tie-off is going to be a little weird. I kinda need the player to wake up by that lake side, or the animation won't make sense :)

I'd actually recommend stopping on Wedensday night, then using the new "Jump to Day" mechanic to jump backwards. Since you've already played all those calender events, they should be safe to play through again. Then, when Act IV comes you jump back to Wednesday, and play through so it kicks off naturally on Thursday morning.

You can only read books while drinking coffee.

I'd not actually heard about gambit, but the description makes sense. The quarterstaff never sees any use, but he does indeed have one.

Once you get more involved in the Magic game, you can also check out the online reference on things like gems, enemies, etc

She comes back 2nd Monday in Act II

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I'm adding a couple of Wiki pages to help explain the poker mechanics and gems better.

Sat down and spent some time auto-generating documentation, so it's easy to keep up to date.

Poker Gems: These are the gems currently used in the game. It'll get updated as I add more.

Ingame effects (applied from gems, or from allied spells).

Ally effects

Elsewhere events and enemies

Loot tables

Glad you liked it :)

Catgirl Outfit: A couple of days after purchasing the Lilingerie for Emily, you get the idea to purchase something nice for Chloe. Purchase it in the Browser, wait for next day to have it delivered, then have a shower in the evening.

Emily swimming date: After the group outing, you get the option to purchase a new item in the newly opened DressXpress website (the previous one was getting too big). Buy that to unlock her swimming lesson

Emily Date 6: There are two different end-of-date images used, depending on whether or not you've bought her the "My Real Boyfriend is an Evoker Battlemage" tshirt.

Emily Date 5: To get the 'best' ending, make sure you open the computer and purchase the lingerie for her. Trust me, it's the best £75 you'll spend in the game.

Latest beta builds are on Discord:

Making Movies is a different game; less epic, and more just poking fun at itself.

I *did* promise Catgirls.

Also, the next update (I'm doing final testing on Act III now, the next update after that is the Crowely Upgrade Project) puts a lot of focus on Chloe.

Molly does have a bit of a redemption arc in Act III. Which I just finished writing last night. Now, bug fixing and release :)

One thing that might be affecting it is the android OS version. I lowered it here to 5.1 (Lollipop). See if that helps for you:

Thanks! :)

No worries.

Also: I played your savegame, and progressed to the next dialog: could you see if that works?!n6xDVZpK!nF0eiMN2sMqbc_e9isFh5NWtI7Ti4HOZx5Gdiadg3zU

Latest Beta build for Act III is here:!OupwRKwb!PD7yVx2GIUdThufWfF3tzj4youu_BT9PZsLL8BLdQuw

If that's not working, could you get me the savegame folder, and I'll see what's happening.

I just finished Act III's main story. Todo is a series of 3 scenes I refer to as the Lakeside Tales, which are basically fanservice. Apart from that, I have the Cat Girl outfit scene.

Some animations for Lakeside Tales, I should probably do a blogpost about it :)

Here's the latest beta build, could you kick it and see if it fixes your issue?!OupwRKwb!PD7yVx2GIUdThufWfF3tzj4youu_BT9PZsLL8BLdQuw

That's 0.3.2, so it's done with Act III's main story, I'm working on the optional side-quests now, hope to be done in ~ a week or two.

Hmmm. If it crashes on load it may be outside my domain, but I'll see. What's the Android device / OS version?

Silly forum system didn't notify me. This is with the current public version, PC?

It would have different decisions, though. If you use CTRL to speed through dialog, and use the Ctrl+J debug menu to cheat on stats you can speed through already visited content in 15-20 mins. 

What device?

I think it's probably screwing up where the 'unhide' button is on some resolutions. Making movies didn't get as much testing as Love of Magic, and Android was kinda the red-headed step child in the family (and also the hardest to test properly).  What's the screen resolution?

you need to adjust chmod +x on the app to make it run. I don't actually have a Mac, so I can't make the adjustments (I develop on windows).

If you mouse-over the girl, does she have a bit of a 'pop' animation? Can you click on her?

Try the latest download from here. If it still gives you problems, let me know, and I'll get you a debug build

That's weird. Loading your savegame gets me here. Click on the bed icon on the bottom right to proceed. Is the icon not showing up on your side?

Thanks, will check it out!

You need STR/CHR/INT of 10, then make sure you don't re-use the same tactic twice in one combat.