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Yeah, we were all testing the game in 1920x1080 fullscreen and it wasn't until after we submitted and the time ran out that we tried the other resolutions and discovered the UI issues :facepalm:

Thanks for the kind words! We have some decent plans for how to expand the concept, maybe we can get it to a good length at some point :D 

Thanks for checking the game out and for the kind words! Sadly, yeah,  we ran out of time and weren't able to get scaling scores to work lol So right now, if you take the shot, you get 5/5 and if the Paparazzi take the shot or if she leaves without anyone taking a shot you get 0/5. We were close to having it give a 1-5 based on how close you were to having her in frame, but just ran out of time in the end.

We'll definitely check your game out!

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For our game, the premise was that a bunch of paparazzi would be fighting over one camera, which is pretty goofy. So I figured a goofy art style was necessary, so I took inspiration from some classic 90s TV shows, particularly Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls.

Used Unity's skeletal animation system. All art made in Photoshop

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Thanks! We're hoping to expand it some to see what it would be like with multiplayer :D 

I'm terrible at this game, but I'm impressed with how much you were able to accomplish!

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We've done a few "game jams" that were completely self-imposed before just as friends—basically just getting together for a weekend and seeing if we can make a game—but we've never joined any sort of public game jam competition until now. I don't expect we'll make the top 100 or anything, but I'm happy we did it and got the experience of making a game for a jam with real stakes. =P

Like one would expect with a game jam, there's some things I wish turned out better, but we're all still pretty happy with the end result, and we're hoping to polish it up a little bit and release a more complete version down the road.

Here's what we submitted:

I think one of my big regrets as the artist on our project was not doing more preparation beforehand. Went into the project without really intending to use Unity's built in skeletal animation system since I wasn't familiar with it at all, but it ended up being sort of essential in being able to achieve the visual scope that I set forth in a timely manner. And the system is still a bit buggy, so it kinda ended up being a bit of a time sink.

Still pretty proud of the visuals we have, but it wasn't a smooth process. =P

I think our guy is pretty cute. =P