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Well, it's cool that they didn't

Oh, i thought nintendo shut you down

I think this project is dead.

could we get this as seperate blend files instead of together in one? Makes it hard to export just one gun as a gltf

I shall now proceed to make an n64 remake of breaking bad.

What you said

oh sweet

d-pad is broken :(

When the right dpad button is pressed it does up and vice versa with left. Using a retroflag snes controller


Don't worry about it. My computer has been fritzy for a little while but it worked itself out. Thanks for reaching out.

Oh, right. The adventure. The adventure for cuzco. The adventure chosen especially for cuzco. Cuzco's adventure.

Thanks for the feedback! The combo system is designed to reset once you hit the ground. Also, I may  release this to mobile at some point. I lost the project files in a system crash, but I may be able to recover them.

I think you're fbx exports mmight be corrupted, neither windows nor blender can open them.

Baba does his taxes? I was under the impression he was part of the we-evade-taxes-because-we-have-never-done-anything-else-wrong-ever club with yoshi and pink slime from slime rancher.

Discord CSS themes community · Created a new topic Updates!

To celebrate gaining 500 views, I've started working on five new themes for you!

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Thank you! This helps a lot, godot is awful at importing some files that are animated

Thanks! Im working on developing it into a mobile app, there's still six spaces left in the closed beta if you want to join!

VERY smooth. Can I use this commercially, and how much do you charge for commissions?

I know this is based off of Sky Pirate, but what is that?


Is there a general palette you use for these projects? And if there is, would you mind sharing it?

If you autoload whatever node is playing the music, it won't restart every time the room changes.

Well, when I actually cut these up to use in animation, the frames aren't centered in the same way and the animation doesn't look very good.


I think at that point your vertical descent is slower then your horizontal speed and you deserve your score at that point.

I can't honestly think of a good way to counteract that, but I'll look into it.

Please stop asking. The devs gotta eat.

Is there not a way to keep carts off of splore mode?


Don't we all...

very nice!

Perhaps you just went really, really high and it takes forever to get all the way down? How long did you wait?

Maybe like a large industrial plug and socket?

In gravelly Russian accent: In Ohio, turkey hunt you!

Time for all those pyros to shine


I will look into it, but I don't have any way to test if a Linux build works as I don't have a Linux computer

What do you mean by an increase in speed?

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for playing!

Your space bar crashed?!

Used in my jam project Super Gravity Board and will use in a new game to come...