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Nice!  Can't wait to play the updated version!  

Really glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Really glad you liked it, thanks for checking it out!

Thanks so much!  Glad you enjoyed it.

I don't think I've ever felt emotionally impacted by a game jam game before, so that's really incredible!  You added a ton for such a short time, and it's really thematically consistent.  Would've preferred a slightly less extreme punishment for failure, but other than that I really enjoyed it!  Great job!

Cool game!  Love the legend being something that's not as well known.  Fun gameplay, and holy cow what did you feed those animals?!  They charge so frickin fast!  Would definitely play more.

Nice concept!  Could use a bit more polish overall, but the quest system is really well done. Good job!

What a fun game!  Really enjoyed the cutscenes, and the gameplay was strangely addicting.  Gonna have to go play some Stardew Valley I think... :)  Great game!

Really solid game!  Got some Thomas was Alone vibes for sure, which is a personal favorite!  Loved the head mechanic, but maybe make the double jump more obvious?  I felt stuck for a bit before realizing.  Really enjoyed this, would love to play more!

Thanks so much!  Haven't done a bunch of music before, but I had a ton of fun doing it.  Definitely going to keep working on it!

Really glad you liked the art!  It's something I'm not as confident in, so it's nice to get some positive feedback!  

Thank you!  Appreciate you checking it out!

Nice!  It definitely added something new to the formula, so I think it was a good call.  Thanks!

Really great game, especially for a game jam!  Sound design with the adaptive soundtrack was brilliant, and the bowling pins at the end was hilarious!  Even failure was fun!  Really enjoyable, I'd definitely play something like this for longer.  Nice job!

Really great aesthetic, and a cool set of mechanics!  Curious why you chose to only allow attacking while in the air?  I've never seen that before, but it gave the game an interesting and unique flow.  Sound design was nice, and graphics were clear.  Great job!

A game jam game with procedural generation?!  Very nice job, it works great!  Getting the sword and murdering minotaurs was really cathartic.  Intuitive, the music fit and was really pleasant, and the graphics were clean.  Great job!

This was a super fun little game, and quite a bit of content for a game jam game!  Graphics were really cute, and the music was fitting.  I pushed a baddie off a cliff, and I'm not sure I feel bad...  Great game, nice job!

I used to work with SFML, cool to see it pop up again!  Mad respect, it's not always easy.

Cool game!  I'll second the jump being a tad fast, but you had some really solid game design in how you introduced obstacles.  First the apple, then the snake, then both etc.  Music was nice, graphics were easy to read.  Great job, enjoyed playing!

Fun little game!  Music was nice, and learned some fun trivia! Nice job!

Definitely the funniest game in the jam!  Oh my god that quit button had me rolling...  And the wordplay with pumpkin was phenomenal.  Maybe a bit more feedback on where your pump is spraying, since it was a bit fiddly to hit the moles.  Powerups were a nice touch!  Had a great time, nice game!

Really enjoyed this game!  I'll second the feedback on making it clear your mouse can control speed, but once I got that I had a ton of fun!  With a little more polish I could definitely see this as a great mobile game.  And what was that ending?!  So funny, perfect reward.  Nice job!

Really cool game!  I didn't realize I could keep the head out at first and then bring it back at will, and that was a game changer!  Super fast paced, maybe too fast for my taste, but really fun!

Really cool game!  I didn't realize I could keep the head out at first and then bring it back at will, and that was a game changer!  Super fast paced, maybe too fast for my taste, but really fun!

Really cool game!  I didn't realize I could keep the head out at first and then bring it back at will, and that was a game changer!  Super fast paced, maybe too fast for my taste, but really fun!

Cool game, love the presentation!  A bit hard to get into, but really fun. Nice job!

Nice music, and a twist ending! xD  Nice job, enjoyed playing!

Not a ton of games are intended for mobile, so that was cool!  Intuitive gameplay, easy to read graphics, and a fun concept!  Would've loved some sound effects, but overall nice job!

Enjoyed playing this little platformer!  Haven't seen the idea of a moving stage with stationary collectables, so that was cool!  Nice work!

Really cool aesthetic, and a fun concept!  It's a little non-intuitive, so maybe a better explanation of controls or mechanics would be nice.  That's really hard to do in a 72 jam.  Nice job overall!

Really enjoyable game, and I liked the simple aesthetic!  Not sure it fits this jam's theme or limitation, but a fun game nonetheless.  Nice job!

Cool game!  A little short, but the graphics were nice!

This is definitely my favorite game of the jam!  Everything is so clean and well-designed.  The panic trying to read everything while driving was engaging, the speed difference between the answers and obstacles was perfect, and the graphics were phenomenal!  You communicated the concept in a really clear way, and the whole thing was super entertaining.  Great job to the whole team!

Fun game!  That ghost death animation was brilliant and made the game loop sooo satisfying.  Had the same half blue screen issue, but had a great time nevertheless!  Good job!

Incredible artwork with those cutscenes!  They really boosted the game.  Loved the theme use and the ending made me laugh!  Well done!

That's a really good idea, I should've done that!  Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks so much!  I spent more time on the aesthetics than I usually do.  Glad it paid off!

What a great little game!  The design is clever, with each choice relevant in its own way.  Nice work!

Completely agree with you.  It's got a fairly steep barrier to entry for a jam game, and story/music/some general polish would go a long way.  Glad you liked the graphics, and thanks for checking it out!

Really getting some "Baba is You" feelings here!  Super readable but not boring to look at, and the animations are a fun touch.  Nice work!