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I did it!

Solid game w/ great UI (and a win condition!). A win condition was the one thing I wish I was able to add to my submission.

Thanks for playing!

It makes me happy to hear that it helped sparked creativity in someone else : )

This is amazing. Super well done. Fantastic job!

Only played for a few minutes, but I will definitely come back to it after work to try and beat it : )

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Agreed! Undo button will be the first thing I add if I return to it : )

Not sure if I'm playing wrong, but I can't figure out the first level : / feels like I don't jump high enough...

It's freezing for me when I start the .exe

Really neat concept!

Really well done for an RTS that meets both challenges!

I especially enjoyed the selection box and swarm behavior.

Nice use of the assets! I'd recommend scaling them up more to make them look more pixel perfect at higher resolution : )

Love the concept and the gameplay. Would recommend a few tweaks with the movement mechanics and collision boxes. It plays well as a precision platformer, but there are a few jumps/areas that feel borderline ragy/unfair to the player.

Great jam game!

I think you forgot to move the char left when 'A' was pressed. I can move right with 'D' or Right Arrow but can only move left with Left Arrow. Arrows + Spacebar don't work very well with mouse as controls : /

Great use of the tileset! Love the try again/quit screen without any text!

I too wish you to be aware that I'd like that.

Fun puzzle game! Loved that someone else had the idea to have an interactive finish screen as well :)

You're too kind! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing!

That thumbnail is a huge glow-up haha. Love it!

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Same. I wanted to make sure I rated everyone's game but I can't get this one to run : (

Can't open the .app on Mac : /

Solid game! I really liked the tractor beam mechanic; it was a lot of fun to play around with.

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An undo button is first on the list of things I wished I'd had time to add haha. Reset was simpler and less time-expensive to implement so I had to make a compromise there : )

Thanks for playing!

Super cool!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I love Pico-8's color palette and DOME's Color class uses it to define its defaults, so I just went with that :). Will definitely look into other palettes next time I make something.

They were definitely tricky!

Not gonna lie, that not being part of the game anymore kinda makes me sad hahaha.

This "abomination" was pretty fun! ;)

Pretty fun once the difficulty picks up : )

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Wish there were a few more levels! I think it takes at least 5 or 6 before our mind start to really start to get creative with our levels. Wouldn't hurt being able to move a little bit faster too ; )

Fun puzzle game! Neat concept.

Simple concept, super fun to play once it speeds up once or twice.

Delay after losing to see high score or having it displayed at the top would be nice.

Could possibly have it switch to the smallest filled circle sprite when the trap is deactivated.

Really digging the Galaga-style kill counter. Excellent use of the tileset!

I love everything about it. Please make dino-claw t-shirts. I need one lol.

This game is as great as its title. Please make dino-claw t-shirts. PLEASE.

Very smooth platformer. Super fun to play! Ended up taking some of those intended shortcuts you slipped in there ; )

Lots of nice nods to Celeste.

Neat Concept!

Well done.

I really enjoyed that mechanic : ) I had something similar with my game early on and it ended up being one of the core mechanics by the time I’d finished the levels. 

maybe boost the selling price of brown and black stones to 50 and 75, instead of 25 and 50? Or make gold more common. Just to help the player progress a little faster

This game feels so familiar... but I can't figure out why... ; )

Thanks! I tried to organize the levels roughly by difficulty. The later ones are more about sequencing than they are about matching. If I add more levels, I'd definitely try to mix the two and come up with some harder ones : )