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totally fair!

Excited to try this out! An OSX/Mac build for this would be amazing ;)

Link to "Quests" expansion looks like it's broken :/

I enabled the embedded pck in the latest linux export so the downloads should hopefully be all fixed now!

thanks for letting me know! I am currently in the process of polishing the game as-is, so i will make sure i fix that when i put out the improved version :).

Thanks for your feedback! I'm definitely going to add some audio and music to it :)

Totally missed that! *facepalm*

I really liked this game! It was a lot more fun to play than I'd expected.

The player side of me wishes that I could rotate the pieces so that I could stack better.

The dev side of me says that not being able to do so makes the game more challenging and fits the theme better.

Great job!

Wish the levels were a bit longer and had a little more depth but this was a great first entry :)

Good work!

OSX is an exe (not runnable on OSX/MacOS). Will check this out when I get home and can play on my desktop :)

I totally should have added controller support! That wouldn't have been too bad. I'll look into adding that in the near future :)

Thank you for your feedback!

I've never laughed so hard at not being able to get 4 points.

I understand other reviewers perspective of nerfing the rng a little bit, but I also recommend leaving the as-is mode in as like a "hard-core" difficulty.

I love this. Excellent entry.

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm going to take this as an opportunity to learn some tools for making music for a Godot game so that I'm better prepared next time :)

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Great job on your submission! Very solid idea.

I've not heard that saying before, but it definitely sounds right haha.

I really enjoyed this game!!! Super fun and fits the theme very well. My only recommendation would be to make it a little more hectic/shorter by either decreasing the amount of lives or ramping up the speed of game submission faster :) 

Great job!

I liked the ideas behind the mechanics! The growth aspect of the game didn't come across very "uncontrollable" but that's fine, everyone interprets the theme differently :).

I think mapping the controls so that you can move while using abilities would've been a little more user-friendly. Maybe making certain actions context-dependent so that you could reuse buttons and reduce the number of controls required to play.

Great art, sound, and music!

I liked the wit and jokes in the phrases. I think the controls could be polished a little better. I also found phrases switching while i was in the middle of them and got confused about what was going on in game.

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Just a heads up: the Mac build says that it can't be opened because the app file is damaged

I enjoyed this game! I would recommend inverting the vertical controls for flying (W dives and S climbs) and balancing the game a bit, for the start of the game at least.

Thank you so much!

I agree, some sound and music would really add some polish to it. Considering adding a few things to it in the next couple weeks :)

You just made my week! Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed it :)

I'd love to add those with some more time. Perhaps after the jam and a little bit of a break ;)

Note: If you tried the game earlier and found that the player was scaling WAY too fast, I've patched a bug where the player would scale up faster than intended on high framerate monitors. If you download the new runnable, it should scale as it was meant to now :)

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Oh! Someone else commented about the .pck, but I didn't know it could be embedded.

Thank you so much for the tip; it should be fixed now :)

(1 edit)

Ah I see that now too. Where do I need to put the .pck?
Fixed it! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Blast! On my work machine rn (Mac). Will try it out later!

This is looking like an amazing submission. I can't wait to try it out!

Thanks so much for your reply! I’d done a little research earlier today and this helps a ton!

A great place to start.

Thanks again!


Hello everyone.

I have an idea for a game i'd like to create during this jam. it would require me to simulate surround sound in stereo which should be fine for the four cardinal directions, but I'm not sure how to go about simulating noise behind the player. Any ideas?

Note: I have not started on any code at this point; this is purely brainstorming and discussion :)

Thanks ~Skel

I am currently working on adding procedural generation to make the terrain have more variation.

Having there be no consequences is a good point, though there is no way to have the user find the treasures without finding the clues by missing them in the first place. Also have a random traps would kind of take away from the whole reverse minesweeper thing, as you could just as easily find a trap as a find a trap, which would be unbelievably frustrating.

Perhaps I could add in a move threshhold of  some sort. I am also working on adding in unique treasures that the player can find. Maybe there is a target number of max moves to beat in order to unlock treasures the user hasn't found yet?

Good stuff to think about!

Thanks for your feedback!

I did it!

Solid game w/ great UI (and a win condition!). A win condition was the one thing I wish I was able to add to my submission.

Thanks for playing!

It makes me happy to hear that it helped sparked creativity in someone else : )

This is amazing. Super well done. Fantastic job!

Only played for a few minutes, but I will definitely come back to it after work to try and beat it : )

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Agreed! Undo button will be the first thing I add if I return to it : )

Not sure if I'm playing wrong, but I can't figure out the first level : / feels like I don't jump high enough...

It's freezing for me when I start the .exe