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We had so much more ideas but a game jam is a game jam :) Since people seems to like it maybe we will do a bigger release. 

We are all broken in the end

Reminds me a lot of Bill Wurst for the art style :) And I was surprised to see an SFML game, it doesn't seem to be that popular anymore.

Thanks! You are right, we wanted to add a kill count but didn't find time for it. Maybe the ranged weapon would feel better with a higher rate of fire but only shooting straight.

Fantastic game and I really like the execution!

The concept is great but maybe it's a bit too random? For a level, I didn't gain control of one of my character at all, but it would be a bit more in line with the theme then :p Other than this little nitpick I think you did a fantastic job.

I like the premise of your game and the art and sound design is really well done.

I however think you need to rework on your collisions detection for the ground at least, the slope were very hard to maneuver with. Another little nitpick would be the spikes that are not very visible, and I ran into them a lot of time.

Otherwise good job!

The art is really nice and everything is so cute!

I had a hard time on the third level and I think I cheesed the first one (I could continue playing even though my rose had dried out :) )

Fun idea for a game. I had trouble playing effectively, I just had so much darn cats :) The sound design is very cute!

Thanks a lot! Reading your review absolutely made my day :)

Very very impressive! No wonder you are one of the top rated games :)

Great execution of the game, it feels already quite well polished! And great difficulty curve too, took me some time on the last ones :)

Pretty cool idea! A bit challenging but well executed, the game feel was nice!

Thanks! We didn't have time to do the mastering of the sound effects sadly :)

Thanks a lot!