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Emm, maybe you ask the  wrong  person, my assets doesn't contain any clothing. Maybe you need to ask the artist of the character, I think his page is

Sorry ,  I'm  not  very clear about your  question. You  can use my asset to your project , or change the colors of the asset, as long as you do not resale them.

Of course, you can change the color.

Sure, you can use for your project, but cannot repackage, resell or redistribute them in any way.

The same question! And the current payout is still in reviewing by over 22 days. I sent a few emails to support and I get the ticket numbers, but that's the end, I have never received a reply too. It's very depressing.

I'm very glad you like them.



Hah, thank you.

Sorry, the background picture is not tilesets and may not suitable for your game scene.

I'm glad you like them! Maybe I'll pack some characters later.

Thank you!You can contact me at any time:

Thanks for your support too.


Thanks!I have a lovely pet and wish to move in a lovely and real house like this someday!

Thanks for your support.

The size range of the effects is about 32-144px. Based on the size of the game character, it should be at least 32 * 48.

It's very kind of you!Thanks for your support.

Thank you!