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Good feedback! I'll put that on the list

The side by side is very helpful! And thank you for the vibes!

The new audio system definitely has some quirks with the lip-sync that will improve over time.

Ah! That's a fun one. I'll add the ability to ignore non-supported file extensions.

HONK was trying its best! Nice catch.

I'll see if I can find a mic to reproduce this on my end. Worst case I'll see if I can locate one of those mics. What version of Unity are you using?

Thank you for the video link! I'll look into this.

I've been struggling to reproduce some of these bugs (I've heard of them before), but the video helps a lot. I should be able to sort this out now.

There's an auto-gain in the new system that may be causing this. I'll make it a toggle in the next patch. TY again for the videos, it's very helpful!

A late response, but thank you for reaching out. I'm working through bug reports I missed over my break.

If you're still needing to address this, let me know. I may need you to ZIP and send me your character folder though.

This should be addressed in 3.0 : )

I can't reproduce on my end to be as extreme as it is in the clip. But, I was able to recreate it a bit and address what I saw on my end. Let me know if 3.0.2a (just released) looks better on your machine/character.

This is something that will continue to need tuning over time with the new audio system, but hopefully this patch addresses the worst of it.


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Thank you for the video! I'll try out some different mics and framerates.

It definitely gets more "shock"-y the faster your computer is. I've got an idea of how to fix it.

Ah! I can't believe I missed this. Diving into this now. Thank you for the report.

Looking into #1... odd.

#2 is fixed in 3.0! That's out now.

oh interesting, I'll make 2.0 available on the home-page while I look into this. This is very good feedback, thank you!

OH! And although I took a break, it's definitely not abandoned. Check out 3.0 which just released. : )

All very good suggestions. I'll look into the negative values for 3.1.

Layers is a difficult one, because I want to balance keeping the tool simple with having some slightly more advanced features. I'll have to see if there's a clean & simple way to roll that out.

Coming in 3.1! I'm working on it now.

This is very good feedback, I'll look into this.

HONK can select any audio input source available in your system. Which should be entirely microphones.

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It's not free :c

I've spent enough time on HONK that I need to make rent. If you're looking for a free solution, Veadotube is amazing. But you should also support their Patreon if you can!

The update this weekend (3.0) should be addressing this issue!

An update drops this weekend that addresses the issue! 3.0

Big update coming this weekend that addresses this issue!

Hrm... Well, good news is that 3.0 drops this weekend and is an entire rework of the audio system. There's a good chance this may fix your issue.

Aw, thanks! I love the character.

Good news on the updates, just posted an announcement yesterday.

Aw, thanks!

And noted, 1 point for GIFs. : )

Thank you for helping out proximal!

Key Paper! Sorry for the late response, sorry for the late response!

I don't see anything immediately wrong with your setup. Are you following the walkthrough video? 

Hm... That's definitely odd! I'm curious if this persists. Let me know if a reboot does anything, if not try launching it with some apps closed. I'll try reproducing it on my end.

This is definitely a bug!!! I'll make sure this is fixed in the next release.

I love it!!! Your layering is beautifully executed.

And please do share your stream! I'd love to see it in use.

Nope! You should see it as a download now. Just copy your character folders over to the newly downloaded version and you're good to go! : )

Keep an eye out for announcements. I'm slowly replacing my entire audio input system to fix the desync. It's a huge change so it's taking some time.

I love your aesthetic :)

This is definitely odd... Could you ZIP the character folder for this and email it to ? Having it as a reference would be very helpful for solving this and getting a patch out ASAP.

Love that you're making this by the way! I really really love Ace Attorney.

I'm glad you figured it out. Mind sharing your experience / what the fix was? If it was confusing, I want to look into updating the software to make the issues you ran into more intuitive to solve.


These are great ideas. I hit some really really gnarly big bugs that took a solid week to fix with this release. So getting feedback on smaller things is super useful. This is much appreciated.

On 3). I may be misunderstanding, but there is a duplicate element option. If you click on a layer/element, there is an icon with 2 squares. Press that and it will duplicate it in the exact same place.

As for the framerate, I believe it is currently uncapped. With the exception that I limit the framerate on the eye tracking. Since it was super smooth and weird feeling compared to the framerate of the lipsync (I think I did 24fps). I may not put FPS as an in-app setting. Since I think that's more granular than HONK's mission statement of simplicity, but maybe that could go in a config file for advanced users

Thank you again! I'll jump on all of this ASAP.

Hm... Okay. I'll have to try out debugging it on some other machines. Difficulty reproducing.

Watch out for a 2.1 release, I'll address this in the next patch if I can figure out what's going on.

You may be able to achieve this with an eye-tracking layer. Although it may be mirrored depending on the perspective. Could you doodle an example of what you want to achieve?

Looking into this. I've occasionally experienced this, but not consistently. Usually a restart resolved it. If it consistently occurs for you lmk because I may want to get some debug info from your build.