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Dr. Buni

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Understood. Thank you for responding :)

Hello, PeGe.Dev. Is your plugin available for MV as well, by any chance?

Hello, CT_Bolt. Is your plugin available for MV as well, by any chance?

Sou brasileira! Acabei comprando antes de ver a mensagem, e vir aqui dizer que funciona perfeitamente! Vou te adicionar, de todo modo.

Thank you! I will be grabbing your plugin once my credit card bill comes around!

I am still interested!

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Hello, sir. I am considering the purchase of your Game Frame plugin, but before I spend what is a lot of money in my currency (cries in BRL), I wanted to know if the frames/backgrounds ignore effects such as fading, screen shaking and such?

I embedded a picture of how my game looks like at the end of this comment. You can that the gameplay itself takes place within the screen/box in the middle of the picture. I am not using any plugins for that, it is just a parallax background. It looks great, but the problem is the outside of the screen/box is supposed to be "outside" of the game's world, and as such, when I call a fade in or fade out effect, I don't want the outside of the screen/box to fade as well. The same goes for screen shaking, only the inside of the box should shake. 

So I was just checking your plugins library, since I used your font manager and about three or four other plugins, and I found this. I wonder if what I want is possible with your plugin? I'd replace the parallax backgrounds with game frames and such. It is easy enough to replace screen-wide fade effects with fading in/out a picture exactly the size of the playable area, but I haven't found a way to force screen shaking to only shake a specific area of the screen.

Thank you!

I'd love if you could give me a shoutout whenever it is available, it'd be incredibly useful to me!

Is it possible to move the state build up bar elsewhere on the screen? I am interested in the plugin, but I detest UI elements hovering above or on top of enemy sprites.

Hey, are you still planing on making the plugin?

Is there a demo or at least a video showcasing the plugin in action, the plugin settings and such?

Also, that is a nice looking game! Big Phantasy Star vibes.

I absolute would!

Is this plugin of yours responsible for creating the row of states seen in the second picture (the gif)?

Thank you for responding so quickly! I didn't get the notification and came here to ask for help again. Anyways, that fixed the problem.

Hey. If I am to increase the battle x and battle y scales of the Odometer gauge, should I also resize the Gauge pictures? Asking because nothing happens when I increase the scale in the plugin settings.

Welp, I am sold! Thanks for responding.

Thanks. Is it possible to have an odometer gauge for enemies as well? Or is this out of the scope of the plugin ?

Hi. Are the dimensions (size and stuff) of the gauge customizable, as well as the positioning? I am also wondering if the plugin is compatible with Yanfly's library of plugins (MV)? Thank you!

Thanks for responding, Piggy! For now, I will focus on finishing the GDQuest course, but I do plan to buy your ebook later on. Dinheiro não tá fácil agora XD

That being said, I will try to apply my knowledge so far to Godot 4.0, that sounds like a good challenge :)

Hey Pigdev, are the recipes exclusive for Godot 4? From what I understand, a lot of things were changed from 3 to 4 and I am still stuck on 3.5, slowly going through the GDQuest course. Kinda wondering if I shouldn't move to Godot 4, but the GDQuest course is for 3.5, so...

Anyways, good stuff.

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I purchased a product (software addon of sorts) that doesn't work and the creator is not interested in offering support (doesn't respond to messages, and I am not the only one who got essentially scammed by them). I am hoping to have the purchase refunded, since for all purposes, the addon doesn't work. I already sent an email regarding the refund request a few days ago, but I got not response. 

Please, help. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! When is the 2.0 update coming out, if I may ask?

Title. Thank you!

I played it but wasn't able to beat it just yet. It is really hard, and I tend to complain about games being "too easy". My question is: Is there no save mechanic? I seldom have the energy to sit through an entire game, and a challenging one at that. You can see it here. I also drew the character because I like the design.