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Hey Pigdev, are the recipes exclusive for Godot 4? From what I understand, a lot of things were changed from 3 to 4 and I am still stuck on 3.5, slowly going through the GDQuest course. Kinda wondering if I shouldn't move to Godot 4, but the GDQuest course is for 3.5, so...

Anyways, good stuff.

Yes! All recipes are made using Godot Engine 4.0.

I highly recommend you trying to apply the knowledge from GDQuest on newer versions of Godot. If I'm correct, they will update their courses to Godot Engine 4.0 anyway.

Tho, besides breaking changes, the changes are interchangeable. We can go through the process of applying the recipes from the book into 3.5 if you're willing to. We can do that gradually through Discord :D


Thanks for responding, Piggy! For now, I will focus on finishing the GDQuest course, but I do plan to buy your ebook later on. Dinheiro não tá fácil agora XD

That being said, I will try to apply my knowledge so far to Godot 4.0, that sounds like a good challenge :)

all good!

Tho, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need some help with this 4.0 endeavor 🐷👍