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Fairly interesting concept, but it still pretty abstract for a player to figure out what they should do, or how best to go about it.

It isn't immediately clear how much HP each unit has, and what each type of unit does (likely just the amount of damage they inflict).

This would probably fit better in the scope of a puzzle game where you have scenarios set up that the player must solve to advance to the next scenario rather than a score based on how well they did. It would also serve as a way to teach the player how to play the game.

For example: First scenario would be to eliminate all structures: There would be 1 structure, 1 enemy agent, and 1 ally agent. AI prefer shooting eachother, however if player possesses the 1 enemy agent, then both would then attack and destroy the structure. 

Seems pretty polished but certainly could use with an ability to start over and to track progress (i.e. you made it X far). I do agree there also isn't much difficulty currently though.

Several dll files are missing in order to launch the application.

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We aren't able to figure out how to play this. The enemies don't seem to display any numbers, change color, nor do we see how their location  matters. They are faster than the player, and come in from many angles so the player can only avoid them for a few seconds. The amount that approach the player also doesn't seem to matter, its always instant death.

It would also be nice to have a way to restart rather than relaunch. Also worth noting the data folder is required for unity applications, so ideally it should be packaged into the same download as the executable.

Worth noting the output log is reporting a null reference exception in SawControl's update(). Output below is simplified since this build is not in debug mode.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at SawControl.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
(Filename:  Line: -1)

This game is just adorable. Great job!

We cannot get the game to run: "There should be '533351_Data' folder next to the executable"

We can't get this to run:

This is the best game I have come across in the jam so far. Excellent job on the look, the sounds, and the game play. I love it. This really ought to be worked on further!

The controls could use some refinement, namely that spacebar is easily pressed so having it reset the game accidently is really common for me. Also having a mouse involved when you can't even see a cursor is a little weird and results in clicking off the window more often than not. A double tap in a direction to attack could be a way to remap it.

The music was a little piercing, but with some tweaking it could be enjoyable. 

Bugs: When you die (in bat form?) and respawn (without using spacebar), the camera is already moving up quickly.

Overall great job. It fits the theme fairly well, though is certainly difficult game for me.

The controls would have been better if the dashing was combined with the movement keys. It felt very difficult to move was WASD as well as prepare dashes with arrow keys (largely because you had to be in the air to execute them with enough health). Probably just a double tap would accomplish this (so in update loop you always move left/right depending on A and D but if A is down twice within X time, and you have enough HP, you dash).

The game is also very difficult and could use a difficulty ramp with levels to introduce how the enemies are dealt with, and tips on inverting the map and dashing.

In general though great job. It looks really cool, and the dash sound effects feel very good.