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This looks so stylish!
I wish my game would be pretty like that.

Thanks for the reply!

To add some details: what happened is that I started the game, left it for a few minutes, MacBook screen turned off because of inactivity, and then the game music started to stutter more and more.
I tried to wake the system up, but it lagged so heavily that I had to power the device down.
MacBook was off the charging cable, working on battery.

I'll report if will be able to replicate that.

Sounds very promising!
I really dream of a TBS roguelike.
Unfortunately, this page made my macOS system freeze shortly after starting the game.
Safari 15.4

Thank you for making this.

Is there any chance it will be available for macOS?

Metroidvania 😍

And cats!

Thank you very much!

Exciting news. The art style is really interesting

It was enabled.

Disabling it improved the performance.

Setting it back makes performance much worse.

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Yes. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a difference.

Also I disabled VSync completely.

It improves performance a bit, but it's still slow. And the laptop is overheating quickly.

Same problem, MacBook Pro 13' 2019.

2,8 GHz 4 Cores Intel Core i7.

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 Mb.

16 Gb RAM.

macOS Catalina.

Application runs so slow it is unusable. Even in "low resolution" mode.

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Really like the style of your asset packs!

It is so beautiful!

Thank you for your work.

I love the style!

Such a great style! 

Great assets!


Maybe it could be a part of a larger asset pack?

Looks so good

Very nice looking FX!

Great asset, thank you for your work.

>Feel free to offer suggestions for different animations.

It would be great if the character had spell casting animation.