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You can, but since I have Photoshop, I figured pics wouldn't make much of a difference for my credibility :P

Sorry, just got 18.

I didn't beat you, but I just matched.

I'm so happy to announce that the demo for Tech Support: Error Unknown is finally available to all. Play the role of a Tech Support specialist caught in the conflict between the corporation you work for, and the hacktivists trying to take them down. Choose who you'll side with while you work with customers to solve their issues using an array of software.

The game is already an award winner, getting best Indie Pitch at MIGS 2018, and being a finalist for Best Narrative Game and Most Innovative game at MEGA 2018. Those are the only two conventions I've done thus far so I'm super excited.

Game link:

I've gone all out to replicate the desktop experience while gamifying the role of a Tech Support Specialist. Although the demo only offers a taste, there's still quite a bit to discover and play around, including a few easter eggs. You can also try to challenge yourself and complete as many tickets as you can within the allotted time. I can do at least 17, and I'd love to hear your records.

Looking forward to hearing your take on my game!

Note that the game is listed under my publisher Iceberg Interactive, but I actually developed the the game myself from start to finish. To all the programmers out there who feel they don't have any artistic abilities, there's a way to do things, you just have to be creative with your solutions!

It has since been revealed as Zodiac!

Best of luck!

And I hope you enjoy those games too ^_^

If you've enjoyed it, then those 48h of dev were worth it!