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Dragon Emperors

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Thank you for playing!

Yes! While we do have future plans for the game, we won't be rushing to pursue it, aside from polishing it up until it becomes a proper demo.

Unless of course, if we receive huge enthusiasm from the community, we will shove it into our timeline and do our best to deliver.

We thank YOU for playing!

We realized we need to optimize more. Thank you again for pointing out the mistake, we'll fix it in later release!

Thank you for playing!

It appears to be both the isometric script and engine limitation, because it does run smoothly on smaller maps with fewer objects. We'll definitely have to look into optimizations.

We're very sorry if the story feels rushed, because we planned something bigger, and this prototype was supposed to be its prologue of sort. We'll fix this in later releases after we have clearer project goals.

Sorry for the inconvenience, for future reference, you can find the font here.

We'd definitely like to expand and give players more freedom in the future!

It's awfully close to submission deadline D:
These are the updates for today,

November 26th

Menu UI, mostly done

Battle HUD, also mostly done

And last but not least, new title screen!

That's all for today!

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Three new updates over the past week! I'm pretty embarrassed that I went out on Saturday so I kinda missed the chance to promote more on screenshot saturday!

November 12th

WIP title screen.

November 16th

Menu and characters.

November 18th

Battle UI.

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Lucerna Tenebris

Rex and Regina are young and energetic teens looking to start their first adventure, but humans are not the only race who fight the monsters.

Lucerna Tenebris is a fantasy RPG set in a world where Deities and Demon fought, consequently altering numbers of animals into monsters and humans into demi-humans. In response to humanity's treatment to demi-humans, they united themselves to survive against human tyranny, while humans created a guild of adventurers to repel both monsters and demi-humans.

The engine we're using is RPGMaker VX Ace, with several scripts combined to give a new gameplay and mechanics.

About Us

We are Dragon Emperors, featuring Tyler as our guest composer. We started the project as a two programmers and two artists team, but after a series of events Tyler joined to help us.

November 5th

Trial was made for the custom battle system, starting by integrating two cores: sideview battle and grid system.

November 9th

More stuffs added to the battle system - Active Time Battle and YEA integration was put.

November 11th

Adopted ability system from Grandia.