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Incredible game. Sadly the game play is not affected at all by the theme. 5 on design. 1 on Theme.

Hey, its small, it doesn't have a lot of levels or even a win condition; but the idea behind it is really cool! I kind of like the aspect of having to capture the other enemies after you kill one to merge them. Music is also jamming ;)

3 on Design, 5 on Theme, 5 on Originality.

Really really fun and enjoyable. The bullet physics were just the right amount of unwieldy yet predictable that made it very satisfying once you beat the level.

I did just want to say that I flew up very high on the fourth level and when I came back down I clipped through the floor. The sensei kitty text box appeared, but there was no text inside and the button did nothing. I had to restart the entire game. It really didn't bother me, but I just wanted to let you know.

I really loved the music, but sadly the physics were a bit off to me. It was odd how you jump up slowly, then crash down very fast. It also grounded me at several points for seemingly no reason while I was jumping. While it is fun, It would be much less frustrating with a better jump arch.