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Sorry but I don't really get what we gotta do

The limit is infinity

You're allowed to re-use code from previous jams, I think.

Hi! I hope you'll find your team!

Amazing game!!! Where's the second ending?

OK I gotta go sleep soon, so I'll see ya tomorrow at Discord! Bye!

Oh and GMTK has a Discord community:

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Hey Nodas9990, Discord doesn't work for my PC, so can you friend request me and send me the invitation link? Thanks.

Discord: DragoFlamez#5813

Edit: Nevermind Discord works now

Yeah that seems great! I'll get tons of subs :P (not sandwiches.)

Nevermind, found a team, but it's fine if you wanna join!

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Hi soundboi!

I'm an artist and I would like to join your team! Now I'm OK enough at making roblox games (currently developing one) but of course, the coding is different EVERYWHERE. I wanted to try unity but unity doesn't wanna work. So, we just have to find a programmer (I think). Sorry if I do badly, it's my first jam :)

EDIT: I friend requested you in Discord. Thanks for the team offer!

EDIT 2: My username is DragoFlamez

Thanks! I also needed some tips and came across this topic.

Hi everyone! Unity doesn't seem to want to work anymore now.... so can I have a team? I'm a 2d artist that could help drawing character sprites or terrain or whatever you like. I can also do pixel art. Just keep things simple, because I don't do realism or complex things. Thanks! Please help me, this is my first game jam :)