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Code must be done exclusively for the jam except for ...

A topic by DomenPigeon created Jul 10, 2019 Views: 423 Replies: 4
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I was just wondering what exactly counts for basic code? 

What assets can I use?
You can use any audio or video assets you have the legal right to use. Code and design, however, must be done exclusively for the jam, during the allotted time. Except for really basic, universal scraps of code like controller support, and the like.

I understand that you can't start programming the game before the jam starts, but what about the more generic code that can be applied to any game. Like basic sound manager, ui manger and camera manager. Must all these code also be written anew? Or are you allowed to copy and paste it if you have done it on your own in previous games?

generic code is usually fine, as long as it has no gameplay features attached to it. 

You're allowed to re-use code from previous jams, I think.


The example Mark Brown gives is controller support. To me, this states bits of code that could apply to almost any game would be okay, but code made for a specific type of game could be an issue. As it says code must be written within the allotted time, code from previous jams would likely not be acceptable.

Don't worry about this too much. You won't be disqualified if you use code that isn't generic enough, but you will feel shame and guilt if you copy code you could have written yourself. They just want you to have fun and try something unique.


OK, good. I'm allowed to use my SceneController and AudioController scripts :D That saves some time