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Sound Designer/Composer looking for team

A topic by soundboi created Jul 06, 2019 Views: 143 Replies: 4
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As the title says, I'm a sound designer/composer looking for a team to do the game jam with. Here is some of my work, so hit me up if you want some awesome sfx and music for your game!

Discord: MisterMr#0734

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Hi soundboi!

I'm an artist and I would like to join your team! Now I'm OK enough at making roblox games (currently developing one) but of course, the coding is different EVERYWHERE. I wanted to try unity but unity doesn't wanna work. So, we just have to find a programmer (I think). Sorry if I do badly, it's my first jam :)

EDIT: I friend requested you in Discord. Thanks for the team offer!

EDIT 2: My username is DragoFlamez

Oh and GMTK has a Discord community:

OK I gotta go sleep soon, so I'll see ya tomorrow at Discord! Bye!

Hi, I’m a programmer actually working in a prototype for my game. It’s my first game jam but I’d do my best to get to the best games! 😃

It’d be nice to join forces with you guys!!!

My user name is mahetafu