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getting Snes micro machine nostalgia, great game and great job guys

Glad you enjoyed, sorry about that, forgot to add the end state and ran out of time. thanks for the video!

Very well polished and creepy,  great job!

Cant wait for a chance to play with with some folks, really well thought out gameplay and beautiful presentation! 

wow, awesome execution! 

beautiful style , music and great impact with the brief.

Learnt a lot in this one! 
Style is super polished and gameplay is super smart. great job!

Fantastic scope and clever concept! great job!

Really love the collage style art, and great theme!

I really like the gameplay loop here and visuals, great job.

very zen, solid concept and good scope, great job!

love the overall vibe, can spend ages just swimming around to the relaxing music, great job!

Really like the character controller, the overall look is really nice and clean. great job!

Clever idea, shout out to ascii art! :)

very smart use of environment and sound design, great job!

thank you so much for your comprehensive feedback , kind words and video! I really appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing and making the video!

Great video, thank you for playing and the feedback

Haha loved the video! thanks so much for the feedback and playing!

Thank you for playing and the video, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing and the video!

You just need to click the small blue button to start the game. :)

Thanks mate :D

my mistake. Good taste in music at the very least  :)

Really enjoyed this one,  love the flow between levels and music is killer. great job!

hahah that was great, would love to play a full length game of this! great job!

love the feel and atmosphere , all comes together nicely. very smart design with the lamps, clever way to get the player to move through the environment. 

Thank you! :)

Awesome Game, feels really juicy and polished.
Great job!

Awesome work! art is really beautiful, great selection of colors.
perfect ramping difficulty too.

Great job!

Awesome game, love the Ancient Egyptian look and music. The gameplay is really smart and a more active way to play a defense style game.  Great job!

Thank you for playing!

This was really good fun, once you start using the runes to navigate the space and get familiar with it, you defiantly get into a rhythm that feels awesome.

Great work!

I did encounter a few bugs, like losing  the level then winning suddenly. Apart from that the game is really unique and fun. its a really interesting mechanic that I would love to see expanded upon. 

Great job!

cheers! Thanks for playing!

such kind words thank you! 

There is two velocities that equal 2 different damage types for each weapon but I wish I had time to make damage one to one with velocity that would be sick. 

Thanks for playing!

Very smart way to get heaps out of one room. Great job!

Thank you so much for your comments! :)
Yes the last wave is "see how long you can last" kind of thing, the main intention was more waves and more weapons but time being time lol.

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed this! its funny when you start to realize its getting out of hand lol