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Fuck yeah! I haven't seen your level design, but just looking at what you've been doing with HND and HAB it's obvious you have an eye for the stuff. Whenever you get around to it, I'd be pleased to see it.

Hey Terminus, have you considered designing your own TC wads to match your characters? It'd be really nice to have one for Booster in particular, since she has such a dynamic moveset that you don't really get to fully explore with most other WADs, and regular Doom enemies don't quite push the limits of her abilities.

Excellent game. Short for 10 levels, but punchy and action-packed.

Simplicity was definitely leveraged here for a more arcadey action experience, but I do hope you expand on the mechanics at play in future episodes/installments. For example, the lack of jumping and crouching was an obvious limiter to force the player to deal with projectiles on the same plane, but I've always hoped to see more FPS titles that take more advantage of jumping and sliding with attack patterns that encourage it.

Alternatively, using the kick as a reflector - or even absorber - for projectiles could create a number of interesting options for the player. Those early robot sentinels fire constantly enough that it's extremely difficult to cross them up, but timing a kick to create an opening could add an extra layer of challenge.

Maybe something more could be done with the weapons too...being able to hold an offhand or having special altfires...but I could see that one bogging down the simplicity of the game without adding too much to the experience.

So update I found the company that lets you mark cells. So it is a feature, but I don't think it should be exclusively locked behind one company. It's too much of a nice QoL to only have in 1 of 6 playstlyes.

Also the method you use is a bit awkward - just bumping into cells to mark them. It would be nice to be able to hover over a cell and press/hold a button for marking. One last small thing is that the current marking mask can somewhat blur the lines between cells. It'd be nice if there was a marking method that kept the borders more distinct? But that isn't nearly as much of an issue. All you have to do if you're unsure is unmark one of your cells real quick.

Lastly, upon a complete playthrough, the virus molecules could definitely use some more spice. The Gray, White, Red, and Pink variants in particular are very simple to defeat unless they're hybridized with another type. Perhaps having a cluster of three or more of the same color will grant a molecule new abilities within its own variant.

Also the type rarity is a bit strange too. Calcium and Phosphorus are Rare despite being pretty harmless while Helium is Uncommon and Nitrogen and Oxygen are Common. Of course I imagine that may be moreso for variety than challenge, in which case fair enough.

I absolutely love Minesweeper, but it's had its limitations as a game. Having some true zero-sum games where you have literally no choice but to guess. Here, that inevitability becomes part of the play experience instead - blending methodical logic puzzling with the occasional burst of intense shmup action! I love it.

I would like to see more going forward though. Expand on both mechanics.

>For one, a tool to "mark" suspected infected cells would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Especially in this self-looping spacially dynamic layout, it can get confusing sometimes which cells you've deemed unsafe.

>Shield cells are a bit obnoxious, really slow the pace of a fight to a crawl. It'd be nice if they worked in a way that discouraged aggression instead of outright rejecting it. Like if they returned projectiles for every projectile you shot at them, or charged a powerful projectile of their own with each successive shot, or had an explosive nova attack on death.

>Having more than just one factor in a vaxxine when selecting a company would make for more compelling replays. Like for example one giving you a shotgun spray of weak shots - encouraging more close-quarters (high risk, high reward) play in combat, while also asking you to be real close to a cell when you destroy it - making mistakes much riskier. Or another company giving their vaxxine the ability to scan a few cells each level to determine if they're infected or not - but having a weaker weapon, encouraging much more focus on not opening infected cells. Some alt-fires specific to the company like rocket-adjacents that can shred clusters of microbes, but can also open cells easily if not aimed away from them, or a slowing miasma that gives you room to breathe in a tense fight. Things that play into both the search and the destroy elements of the game.

>Some secondary features for some microbes. Microbes like the red and gray are a bit bland in a fight. Perhaps pure molecules could have additional functions for being unblended like their hybrids.

Overall, I just wanna see more of this. I really like what I'm seeing, and I hope to see more of it in the future,