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Excellent game. Short for 10 levels, but punchy and action-packed.

Simplicity was definitely leveraged here for a more arcadey action experience, but I do hope you expand on the mechanics at play in future episodes/installments. For example, the lack of jumping and crouching was an obvious limiter to force the player to deal with projectiles on the same plane, but I've always hoped to see more FPS titles that take more advantage of jumping and sliding with attack patterns that encourage it.

Alternatively, using the kick as a reflector - or even absorber - for projectiles could create a number of interesting options for the player. Those early robot sentinels fire constantly enough that it's extremely difficult to cross them up, but timing a kick to create an opening could add an extra layer of challenge.

Maybe something more could be done with the weapons too...being able to hold an offhand or having special altfires...but I could see that one bogging down the simplicity of the game without adding too much to the experience.