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Incredible game, I couldn't finish faster than 20 days but I just got 13 days right now ! Great job !

A new kind of puzzle I've never seen. I find it great to see you took a classic gameplay (puzzle) and still made a new kind for it. I really like the vibe of the art, it feels polished. Nice job !

Rated and commented !
Here is my game :

Nice job ! this game has its flaws, however, it still is a nice jobs, with good and sometimes challenging puzzles. The music is also giving good vibes. Nice work 

Cool core idea and dungeon generation ! I mostly like running like an ape to find loot to use different skills and had 1/2 of losing when locked in a room with multiple bosses. I feel like we don't really when we deal damage to ennemies and how much health they still got which kinda makes it really hard. But still like the overall !

Wow ! Loved how the ambient atmosphere (sound and contrast/rotation) became messier and messier after repeating a seemingly never ending routine. The music with the few notes help out a lot in the atmosphere. Makes you wonder about your own routine and where it will get you.

Fun and innovative way to exploit the "not alone" platformer mechanic ! Super polished game, loved the start animation and the controls (which is really important in a platformer). 3D models are super cool and sounds as well (especially the background music). Really good job !

An ecellent and polished game, good mechanics. I like the turn by turn game play, first time I see this in this game ja. A very good vibe with excellent audio and graphisms. I love it !

The gamme has an interesting idea. It is the first time I see a clicker in this game jam. However, the sliders can be readjusted by hand, making the game a bit ... easy. Else I liked the project, nice job!

I love the sound effects and music which gives a very mysterious vibe. The puzzles reminded me of professor Layton, and I loved the nice game design for each one of them. Nice job !

Hello ! I am a bit under the curve, I'd like you to rate my game please ! 
Here it is :

Thank you !

Great game ! Loved the art style, the polish and the sound ! The idea as well is pretty much an only one of it's kind from what I've been able to see for now. I could be very cool to have a control page somewhere to explain you the basic rules like "you can't pass through red but torches can, and you always need to be in range of a burning object"

Hello ! I rated and commented your game !

 Here is mine :

Even if the graphics are simple, the uniform art gives a simple vibe to the game. I liked it even though I had some hard time with the controls. I wouldn't mind some audio but it still is a very nice job !

Hi ! I rated your game !
Here is mine :

Polished game, with nice sprites and graphisms. The pixel art is really good, and the arcade style is very good. Simple game but a nice one ! Sadly I didn't get to the end ... But still I loved it !

I played and rated your game !

Here is mine :

Great polished game with good art style ! I like the idea of the game,, bringing the sheeps to the next zone is satisfiying. You really managed to create a good dark vibe with the light and dark effect, and the musics. All the animations and sprites are the same style, which helps immersion. Really nice job !

Nice game! I love this kind of games, the first one I see in this jam. Nice job !

I made it with 12 fishes. Very realxing game, a great vibe !

A nice but short game. Wished it would be longer... Still a good vibe! 

Really fun and polished games, nice animations and good gameplay !

This game was really fun and had a really cool vibe. The fact that you had to walk through the whole house was interesting and controlling the bird was fun. It took me some time to realize the girl could make the bird shine strionger. Nice game !

Done !

I like the graphisms. The fact that it is 3D adds a dimension to the maze gameplay, I liked it.

An incredible experience. For real, this is my favourite game of this jam, it is clearly my crush. I played it for a long time and I wish there were more levels (even if the work is incredible for a game jam). Really great job !

This is a nice submission. Even if it is very simple, it has potential ! Some audio and a slight improvement of the graphism would be good, however it is still a nice job!

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Rate my game and I'll rate yours ! (Webgl only)
I'm waiting for your submissions !

Hi ! I just rated you game !
Checkl mine :

Nice job ! I like the fact that this can be a multiplayer game, but the controls are easy enough for it to be a solo game too ! I like the modeling and the fact that it's a 3D game (most of the other ones are 2D). Nice Job!

It's a really relaxing game, I like the music and the fact that it is a 3D game. Increasing the difficulty a bit would have been a nice addon but still a good experience !

A really cool game design. The gameplay stands out, with this link idea. It completely respects the theme and is pretty challenging with interesting puzzles. I spent a while playing it and loved it. Nice job.

I liked the player graphics and animations and the child. There are some small problems at the beginning with the jumps, but it still is a nice experience. Good job !

A nice game ! However, puzzles could have been a bit more difficult. Still a good time !

Hello ! Here's my game :

I'll rate yours !

Commented and rated, check mine :

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A nice game ! Even if the start might be a little slow, you quickly get used to the game and it becomes fun.

Nice job considering all is made by yourself !

Nice Artstyle, good animations, good music, fast gameplay... A lot of polished features in a fun game !