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Fire Ancestor has cool hair B) Nice game!

This game is cute and fun! I fell for the classic blunder of clicking level 4 after discovering there wasn't a level 3... Also I was not epic gamer enough to beat level 2 haha. Great idea to come from the theme :)

Lovely music that encourages you to take your time and relax as you make it to the top. Excellent adaptation of the theme too! Good job :)

Thanks for the in-depth feedback! We appreciate it and are happy to hear you enjoyed the game :^)

Wow! Great to know, thank you.

Really good addition to MFCG which I'm a fan of. If you're still working on this it might be fun to have an option for building height

I loved your game and I think you could expand this into something amazing with some polish and extended playtime. I didn't even enter this jam or anything I just played your game and liked it a lot :)

I would recommend a square player hitbox because when landing on/near edges, I sometimes slip off while preparing my next jump.

Another thing that would be nice: Being able to change which direction the player is rotating around the nut/bolt, while they are rotating. Another player in the comments mentioned changing the momentum, but I like the "snappiness" of the platforming.