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Thank you for the walkthrough!

Hah, I didn't even know about this feature.

Crypt Raider community · Created a new topic Just played

The game looks beautiful, sounds nice and relaxing. Although I unfortunately didn't fully understand how to play the game, it was fun to move the items around.

*I'm writing under the heading "Community" because I don't see the "Comments" section. Is it disabled on purpose?


The game has been updated!
We fixed a couple of bugs, added a couple of features and now it’s harder, and the chickens are angrier!

Thank you for the review and thank you for the let's play. It was fun to watch!

That was useful! Thanks!

Thank you!

Great atmospheric game! It was interesting to play and quite scary. Fairly good pace of the story.

Wonderful atmosphere and music. And enjoyable gameplay.

Cool visual images, great music, pleasant logical dialogues. Really liked this one and I wish there was more of it.

Cool stylization and funny humor, which does not prevent the game from building up the atmosphere.

This is a really cool game.
Ugh, a sudden knock on the door is my personal fear. Shame on you :)

oh yeah:)

Although the appearance of the alien sometimes made me laugh for some reason, the game is VERY scary and atmospheric. While there is no alien you are just waiting for something unknown, being scared.

Glad to hear. Thank you!

Thank you!

A cinematic, enjoyable story. I would like an additional mode where you need to completely break the meteorite :)

I really liked the game. Both the atmosphere and the art. Good job!

I liked this game. Reminded me of some science fiction story where residents suspected each other the same way. I don’t remember the name and the plot was a little different. But the same pleasant vibes. Good jpb!

No no no, I'm not upset at all. I apologize if I sounded passive-aggressive, English is not my native language :)
Although thanks for the explanation, I didn't know about such a system and thank you for the kind words!

The game is visually beautiful and totally fit the theme.

Glad you liked it!
Yes, the game was too easy, I agree. It  just was decided not to redo the balance on the last day.

All the problem areas in the game were written before me, so I would like to highlight a very nice visual, cool character animation and a very creepy death screen.

Very cool idea and the sunflowers themselves! It’s great that the day is changing, I liked the field better during the day. Sunflowers fall beautifully. But while they falling they block the view and it hard to navigate :)
It might be worth cutting out more sunflowers at once to make the gameplay at a faster pace.

Thank you for your detailed review and suggestions!

It was really fun! I liked the vibe of "Zombies Ate My Neighbors". I really liked the style and how the game looks. I watched two endings. The only problem I had was understanding the final goal. But still it was grate.

Really liked this game! It is neat. The graphics are good, the voice acting is great, and the gameplay is interesting. By the end, the game manages to make you feel like a carefree child. And what can I say, it's quiet scared me.

I liked the field - that there are paths, but you can get lost anyway. And the monster is creepy. For me It was hard to cope with the darkness sometimes. Overall good job!

I liked the atmosphere, the sounds and that big scary creature. At the end it was hard to know where to go, but I still really enjoyed the game. And, when you read a note, the flashlight is pointed at it - nicely designed!

Thank you for detailed review! It's especially nice to hear warm words from the author of the cool game like yours.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you! 
We tried really hard on those chickens :)

Thanks to you!

Thank you! Always glad to see you here.

Thanks! Oh yeah. This is our first shooter and many things turned out to be very difficult :)

Thank you!

You bought this farm dirt-cheap from a crazy guy at a flea market. Yes, it is old and not located on the most fertile land, but the deal still seemed profitable to you.

However, you realized that you had made a mistake when strange circles appeared on the field. This is clearly not the work of man! At least that's what television told you.

But things got worse when you started hearing cackling at night. 
It was so ominous! 
It was getting closer and closer... 
You lost sleep and hugged your shotgun tighter. 
After all, you bought the farm without chickens...


"Escape the TERROR farm: Rising of the Alien ZOMBIE chickens" is a short funny 3D horror shooter with chicken, fun and shotgun made in retro style. Action about aliens, corn fields, crop circles, zombie and UFO.

Well done!

Sooo cool!