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Thanks =)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

We glad you liked it =)

Absolutely fabulous! 

Yes, First place without a doubt. There are so many projects which inspire in this game jam. But yours is special. Perfect visual with good optimization (punch myself, huh), real good sound desin. Music creeping me out, but in the time calming me too and helping thinking. But what realy inportant - flow state. Real flow state like in a big games from big boys. Puzzles are perfect, not to hard, but no brainless. And you feel like you can do anything even if you know game is linear. Process like in our favorite oldschool horrors (Sh, Re, Condemned etc). 

But... Just... One... Thing:) Clock puzzles. It was very hard. First time when I used walktrough. Ok, UV on paintig - good. But another clock - I don't get it:) But everything else - gorgeous! Thanks for good time. Make some details - and go to Steam or another shop:) 

P.s. Did you ever read something about gamedesign? I realy want to know!

Thanks! We glad you liked it =)

So many object for interact with good short text. Very calm and relaxed atmosphere :)

We like how it's started. It was surrealistic.

First cutscene is really creepy and intrique.

You really love puzzles! :D

We really like the main idea, voice-acting and visual. But we can't make the robot. Every time something happens wrong for us. Sorry.

Everyone talks about puzzles. But for us the greatest thing is warm calmy atmosphere in this cave.

Thanks!  Glad you liked it!

Yes, most likely we have an old build. We downloaded projects at the start of the jam.

The game can be finished without this cloth. In general, the game is perfect. I just need to know in case I want to play a second time :)

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Wow, this system was not clear for us. But it is really interesting. Hmmm, we maybe will try it again :)

We glad you enjoyd :)

Thanks for playing! We glad you liked it. 

Sorry for the bug. The game was made for a  jam in two weeks, so we did not have time to bring to the ideal.

Wow real serial killer:) Loading screen is aesthetic. Redlight, his face - looks great.

Simple but stylish story with atmospheric environment. We spent time with pleasure. 

It's really looks like a real science facility, like in HL1! Good job. But we stuck on chemical puzzle. Save system is so merciless. 

You spent a lot time for all these landscapes, impressive.

We realy realy realy like your theme and visual but after all choices we still don't get where a true ending. Is it existe?

Good voice acting and good start.

You made a big work.

Cute visual style and grand exploration for the mystery second ending!:)

We looove this game.

Very atmospheric. Interesting plot. Nice looks. Serious work with not ordinary gameplay. We like how its feels!

So funny how many culture references we have here:) And the game looks pretty. P.s. How many games you know where you can swear with creator? That's one!:D

Amazing! With minimal assets you made absolutely good romantic detective story. So atmospheric!

Really creepy monster with abomination voice. And you made goodlooking assets! But sorry, can't complete. In some moment we don't know what to do next.

We like spirit of intrigue here and how game doesn't afraid change camera view for the best experience every moment. Good work!

Very strong work without roughness. And all this camera theme is so cool.

Just brilliant! 

We finished the game in one breath. From the start till the end it was narratively perfect. Some little bugs doesn't spoil anything. And it feels like a real coldness. Love the atmosphere, love how the game looks, love the story. 

P.s. Please, tell us how to pick up cloth on a platform in the basement.


We tried very hard and spent a lot of time on the puzzle =)

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing! 


We actually spent a lot of time making controls =)


Большое спасибо за прохождение!