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We're improving audio quality. Thanks for the feedback!

We're working on improvements to the game. Thank you very much for your evaluation of our game! =)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

Thanks for the feedback! We are very happy, we love the video! ❤️

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Sim, somos brasileiros. Estamos super felizes em ver que você também é brasileiro e curtiu nosso jogo. Valeu pelos feedbacks, Julien! ❤️

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NOTE: Hello guys! Developers of Urplace here! 

First of all: Thank you so much! We were amazed by how many people played Urplace  since we published it, a few days ago. 

The main game site is here:

We'd like to say two things here:

1) We are aware about the bugs of Urplace. We are working to fix them all, especially the ones that affect movement of our beloved little girl.

2) We are think about expand Urplace to something bigger and better. We already have some new interactions, puzzles and challenges in mind, and we are eager to make Urplace a deeper experience to all of you. 

Thank you once again for the support! And see you soon!

Thanks for the feedback. We are correcting the animations. :)

Thank you very much for the feedback, my friend. We love your video! ❤️

Yes! We checked that, it was easy to edit in Audacity. Thanks again, my friend! :D

Thanks! :D

We will check that heartbeat sound effect.
Thank you very much for the feedback, my friend! :D

Thank you very much. We love your feedback on the game! We love your video! ❤️

Thank you so much for playing our game and making a video. We love the video! ❤️

Thanks! ❤️


What home means to you?"

Urplace is a game that encourages the player to reflect on this question through an audiovisual experience that tells the journey of a lonely girl towards her house.

The game was developed by 5 developers during the Global Game Jam 2019. The game jam had the theme: "What Home Means To You?". The game was developed during the 48 hours of Global Game Jam and we improved its visuals and gameplay during this last week. In all, the game was produced over a period of 12 days.

The developers were:
Isabelle Oliveira: 3D Modeling, Level Designer & UI Designer
Marcelo Chaves: Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer & Sound Designer
Renê Queiroz: Animator & Character Modeling
Rodrigo Vieira: Game Designer, Level Designer, Gameplay Programmer & Sound Designer
Thaynan Nadu: 2D Environment Artist & Level Designer

Special thanks to Diogo Rocha for his help with 2D Character Controller and PUC Minas, for hosting the event.

We hope you enjoy.

PS: For a better graphic and sound experience, we recommend downloading the game (available in versions for Windows or macOS).

Thank you very much for the feedback, Kodiqi.
Let's work on it, we really enjoyed the improvements you suggested. :D