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This is all I know to try:
  1. Redownload the file using a different Browser
  2. Clear the temporary files (From your PC)
  3. Do an AntiVirus scan if other files than mine are also affected (.rar or .zip)
  4. Update/Reinstall WinRar

Thank you for playing! My honest apologies for the glitch at the end :(
You were right about what should have you done, though!
Great video!

Really enjoyed your game, it has a nice atmosphere, and interesting characters!

The only issue I had with the game, is that the directions were a bit unclear sometimes. (For example, when we get to look at the map, the highlighted road to the woods, is barely visible on the actual road, would love to see a crosswalk or something else on it, to make it more apparent!)

Nevertheless you made a great game, It was quite intriguing.

Thank you for pointing that out, and sorry if this caused any inconveniences. :)

Sorry to hear that!
If you refer the downloaded files not working, you need to download WinRar to open up the files.
If you cannot download anything in the first place, you should check your internet conditions, or any firewall or antivirus blocking your downloads.

Hah, never expected this! Thank your for the effort of speedrunning the game. :)

Whoops! My bad here! This was supposed to be a WebGame for the Game Jam thus an exit button was not a necessity. However, I did not have time left to have a proper web build, because of the deadline, and forgot about the lack of exit button. I probably patch this after the Jam ends.

Thank you for your feedback, and sorry to hear this issue. Unfortunately, this is a Game Jam submission, so I cannot make changes for a week, until the Jam closes, unless I decide to quit it.

Hello! I'm pretty sure you either do not have Winrar installed, or if you do, you need to right click this file, and click "Open With" and then choose Winrar. Most likely you tried to open something as a Word document, and Windows set it to default for all files that's similar. If this happens to this download only, then, I'm out of ideas!

Reminds me of when I wanted to make an Ant game, for real, haha.

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Thank you for your review and opinions! 

I agree, the truck driving experience is rather inconvenient, that is because instead of writing drive-mechanic code from ground up, I used a premade code  that is pretty modified by me, just to be as good as it gets, to cut down time for the jam. Would done a better job with more time, but this is how jams work haha~

Thank you Frog :)

My monitor's aspect ratio is 16:10, And the resolution is 1440x900

I felt bad for the doggo for pulling it around like a maniac, nice game btw, played and rated :)

Oh my god you were the one with this crazy idea lmao, played and rated :)

Finished it, pretty creepy horror game! :D

Thank you so much! :)

This is my favorite platformer I played in this Jam! Really clean looking and nice mechanics. Wish there was more levels! Here is my horror game , will check yours too!

Thank you! :) <3

Thanks so much! Haha,  I wish!

Thank you very much!

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It's a horror game so not sure about playing it during work but-

I remember playing this while in development! The game looks so nice with the finished artwork! Actually... I just realized what this game is really about with the character designs and story. Really imaginative stuff, gotta say!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the gameplay may was stretched a bit longer, especially for a jam. Fun fact I actually cut down the lengt about 20-30% to get to this lenght, so I hope it's still OK! 

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Ah, I saw your updates on Discord! Nice seeing your game finished, pretty nice! Rated :)

Dog has to eat ,  at any costs

Played and rated yours too, it feels like a combination of a FNAF inspired game with analog horror~!

Saw your progress many times in the Discord. :) Played and rated!

Thank you for the really nice words! Really appreciated it <3

I tried with no checkpoints. I made a mistake. Anyways, played and rated, a pretty decent puzzle game :) Hoping to get some ratings back too, if you got time, or just to come by leaving some stars~

My Horror game is only about 40 MB :)

Seems like I already rated yours lol, hope I could get some back!

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I love the mushroom guys!! So cute

Rated :)