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Cool game! I already played a submission with this very concept, but I have to say that I think you have executed it better. For example I really like the arm, it is a cool addition. This way the bullet can't get stuck behind spikes or an enemy. I also really like the concept that you have to pay attention to always pick up your bullet at the end of the levels. One minor complaint is that enemies seem to be damaged by the bullet even if it is not moving. But if it is intentional it is fine.

Thank you for rating our game! I know the sensitivity needs to be higher I just prefer a slower but smoother camera movement. But I realize that at least I sould have made an option menu to change that. Sorry about that. The scissors were there intentionally because we wanted the game world to be somewhat persistent. That is the reason why the flowerpots and the drawer stay in the same place too. Thank you again. I will play your game too when I get some time!

This was our first jam and we made a little puzzle game called Unite. We would be grateful if you could check it out and rate it!

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We would be really grateful if you could check out our small puzzle game Unite and give us your opinion on it.