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Tried it, it gave me a head start but I'm down to grinding the apprentice mage levels now. (which takes forever)

Unless of course it is an intentional aspect of the game, but it certainly seems to be an error.

I removed the empty casings that were in the gun at the time. I replaced them with with six fresh rounds and proceeded to pull the trigger more than six times. I only ended up discharging the gun three times followed by three clicks. Upon reloading I discovered that all six shells were empty. I did not forget to reload those three rounds, hence saying six rounds = three shots. I am also fully aware of how the action of a revolver operates, so no shit sherlock.

 This glitch occurred several times, frequently getting me killed.

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I'm using the downloaded version, but my saves disappear when I close the game.

Edit: It's working again, I have no idea what went wrong

So failed charge? Because six new bullets doesn't equal three shots and six empty shells otherwise.

Just another average low effort RPS game.

Although I did just notice that their reply to your original question says 0.42 will be released "when 0.50 is out for patrons."

Nope you're right, I totally missed that somehow.

Look at the list of downloadable files, v0.42 is in the list.

The game broke several times and eventually prevented me from making progress. I asked the tall man for help with the red pipes, then it displayed the dialog for trying to open the heavy hatch on your own. This dialog displayed in several other places as well, eventually trapping me in a tedious circle where no matter who I asked for help, or what object I interacted with, eventually would return the heavy hatch dialog and put me back in the main selection screen.

This has happened every play through, but I assume it is not supposed to happen since it prevents any kind of meaningful progress.

Strategy summary: Warrior and lizard stink, half-demon can survive just through the sheer amount of total health, and the assassin is overpowered.

six bullets = three shots


Interesting concept, but the writing is often obscure and riddled with spelling errors which makes the game confusing on the first play through.

interesting concept, but performance drops significantly in after shooting the first enemy and the sound eventually dies during the first puzzle.

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Okay, I wasn't sure if I should bother support or not. Also I'm not aware of doing anything that should annoy anyone that badly.

Very nice, wish it was a little longer though.

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Every time I post a comment to a game, it quickly accrues exactly six downvotes. This happens sometime within a day of posting on every kind of comment; positive, negative, and even comments merely mentioning bugs. I don't understand why this is happening. Is this supposed to be happening?

A peach? 

Yes it is still broken as of a second ago, both in a regular tabs and incognito. I also tried Microsoft Edge and encountered the exact same error. The error occurs after the loading screen, a second after the menu appears, switching to an solid grey screen with the black error text at the top. The only error showing says: 

AccessDeniedAccess Denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to Google Cloud Storage object

It says the same thing on Edge. Hope this helps.

Interesting concept and control scheme, but needs a lot of work. Good for a demo though.

Took way too long to figure out that I can apply skill points. Once my character wasn't intolerably slow (but still slow enough to be caught and killed by every zombie), I found out that all items can kill you.  

I'm not trying to be mean, but this is positively awful. The concept is solid, but the execution is not.

Very limited.

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Gun doesn't stop the alien, light doesn't stop it either (I was under the impression both were supposed to). Nav controls die, I fix them, engine dies and as I am leaving the bridge to fix it, the nav dies again. The power is still draining the entire time, even with all lights off. If there is a way to refill the power bar, I haven't figured it out because I die before I can even return to the engine room,




I made three attempts to complete this getting eaten by an alien simulation, and I'm done trying. Neat idea but poorly executed, that is unless it is supposed to be a rage game. If that is the case, 10/10 effectiveness. :P

Good, a little short, but still good. I did encounter a bug though, all sounds, except footsteps, cut off almost as soon as they started.

I do not understand. I received two strikes for not assigning guards, when both times I had two assigned (they didn't even fall asleep). I was also raided both times, killing all three tunnelers both times as well. Then heavy shelling collapsed all previously dug tunnels, buried three more men, and caused me to get a third strike for failure to complete duties. All of this happened by the eighth day. Not to mention my punishment of all crimes except two "caught drinking" cases didn't stop me from getting a warning for "too many unpunished crimes."

Is it possible to win? Is it even possible to complete? I do not understand the obsession with crippling RNG events in "strategy" games.

The strategy of this game is destroyed every time your skills are randomly replaced with a worthless combination. With a limited number of tents to recruit from, this makes it entirely reliant on RNG. Strategy would be working with the RNG to conquer and survive, instead it is entirely random whether you will win or get stuck with one less soldier than the final city with no way to recruit more.

TLDR: No amount of strategy will ensure victory. Do what you can and pray to the digital dice gods. :P

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Kind of ruins the horror aspect with the crappy moving level. Not even worth completing at that point.

Very hard to see until you are allowed to pick up the flashlight. I spent an immense amount of time trying to figure out what I had to do initially (turning on the washers). On the other hand, sound design was amazing and really made the experience worthwhile. My favorite part was when you hear the distant screaming cut off, that made the hair on the  back of my neck stand up!

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Do factions get specific bonuses? One AI cavalry can take a city from one defending player cavalry or infantry supported by one infantry. But one player cavalry supported by two infantry and two artillery, failed two assaults and was destroyed on a third, against a city held by one AI cavalry supported by one infantry. On the other hand AI infantry seems to be somewhat easier to dislodge than player infantry. 

TLDR: AI cavalry is OP and player troops are half as good as theirs, with infantry being the only exception.

P.S. This occurred back to back, once when I was blue and once as red.

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The walls block your view far too often. It's a nice touch but I think it's a little over done. The enemies can also see you and fire before they are in frame, which can be a little frustrating at times.

I think it is better to grind out the military levels until you can get to holy knight or higher easily, then on a fresh run, build up to the high income tier and use the money to quickly raise your mana channeling level so you can move through the magic levels more easily.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this method yet

Great atmosphere, but I don't know that I would call this horror. Initially the atmosphere was uneasy, but after helping the soldier pass the tone changed to sadness, despite the monster at the gate.

Encounters an error a couple of seconds after displaying menu screen. I'm using Google Chrome and I am not in incognito mode.

The error displays at the top of the window like this:

AccessDeniedAccess Denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to Google Cloud Storage object

Play button doesn't work.