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Don Juan Tuno

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I second this, but I doubt it'll come to fruition because (if Fenoxo's games are a proper example) Patreon basically blacklisted incest-related content. Hope I'm wrong, though; I personally enjoy wincest >w>

I got her by purchasing all of her stock, Twice. It's a huge money sink. I suggest working at the local establishment and shaking your money maker to pay for the junk in her trunk until she realizes you're the only one buying anything from her.

Yes, I made two butt jokes. No, I have no shame.

That's a good compromise. I just hope it doesn't make people think that they can just boss you around; a lot of good devs get pressured by outrage, even for smaller things. That tends to result in stress for both the devs and the fans. Sorry if I sound nagging or anything, I'm just a bit paranoid of people weaponizing outrage on ideological grounds to change other peoples hobbies. If I get the impression that someone might try defaming someone by accusing them of hate, especially to change something innocuous, I kinda get this knee-jerk reaction to defend the ones who are just trying to make good games for people to enjoy, sometimes even if it ends up not being necessary.

dang, now I want a cream pie as a joke item in the game xD

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I think it's gonna be tonight, public build's almost always on the 7th. Personally, I'm very excited for it; I get to go to the ranch, whether Dr. Phil sends me there or not x3

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I'm glad you decided to take the diplomatic approach and remain neutral Indivi. Most devs react too quickly and make hasty answers either for or against, dividing their fans. That you avoided adding fuel to the fire in such a way is quite a relief, and I'm very thankful for it.

It's a shame, though... I usually appreciate long, complex discussions irl. But I guess it's for the best; this is a porn game, not a political forum. People here want to have a good time and distract themselves from all the problems in meatspace, not listen to rants about it. Do you want me to take out my comments? clean up the thread of the off-topic stuff?

*edit: nevermind, gonna remove it after all. This isn't a place for it and I think it'd be a bad idea keeping that up without an active discussion

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personally I'm very fond of the word myself and often wish it could be used to describe me. Alas, my genes are closer to bara than bishi, to use anime terms ._.

but at least I got great games like these to let me indulge in my fantasies, if at least in the short dream of a game xD

*note; the word I'm talking about is "trap", not "snowflake". Just got paranoid and felt I left it too prone to misinterpretation >.>

Hey Indivi, not sure if you remember, but a few months ago I asked about the possibility of different sizes of balls on the player character (namely hyper-sized). I recall that the response was that you'd consider it, and now, after some thought and reading an earlier question concerning mid-term pregnancy, I'm wondering if I was asking too much; you might end up facing similar problems int terms of scenes and graphics, and that thought didn't cross my mind until it was brought up. That being said, is testicle sizes off the table, or are you still considering it? Sorry if I'm being a bit pushy, by the way; just don't want to get my hopes up for a feature that might be too difficult to implement.

new builds are released on the 7th of every month (or the 20th if you're on Patreon). I suggest pacing yourself, or otherwise fill the downtime between releases with a healthy mix of other games so it doesn't get stale from overplaying. Indivi's just one person, so don't expect every new update to have a whole new, fully fleshed-out region with all the bells and whistles from the get-go. I'm guessing, based on the recent opening of the condo, that the next release is going to be focused on building up on Fawn's questline, which starts with access to the aforementioned condo.

Wow, I can't believe I downloaded and played it before seeing the reply! xD just noticed it now while I was posting my thought about it. thank you very much for the game Indivi! x3

Just tried 7.3 and only now noticed the new spell (the one that lets you morph cocks, namely your own). As a cock connoisseur, I rate it a 9/10; had to deduct a point because I'm reminded that the hyper option is still unimplemented xD it's like a literal cock tease! at what point do you think you'll finally add the hyper stuff? not asking for a deadline or anything, just what part of the story is gonna be worked on while adding it (like the pyramid, or any of the unimplemented parts post-original edition LD, just something so I can calm myself until the time is right to hype.

That aside, I had a blast knocking up Rinny, and I find furry-Fawn to be absolutely adorable! I love it! great work Indivi c:

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y'know, I think I might need to ask for an official PSA concerning the wording about the public releases; "by the end of the first week" gets too many people thinking of it as in "no later than the first Saturday", but from what I've seen, it's more like "by the seventh day of the month". That said, I'm hedging metaphorical bets on Indivi fertilizing Rinny on the tail end of the 7th (around midnight), as seems to be the trend.

... speaking of fertile Rinny... is she gonna have sprites (and, more importantly, lewd scenes) when she's baking a bun in her oven? just asking for, uh... a friend... >w>

*notices the use of furry emoticons* 0w0 what's this?

sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity xD

I know! I'm here refreshing the page every 30 minutes waiting for the update! I'm passing the time derping around on Youtube and replying to the occasional comment when I come back here to check.

... I think I might need to get a life ._.

some time tonight, according to the schedule Indivi gave us last time. Every 7th, and from what I noticed, it tends to be around midnight where I live (Brazil).

Funny that you're asking now, btw; some other guy asked the same question just 2 days ago.

Anytime c:

I may be missing a few things, but from what I've counted, the differences (aside from percentage of completion due to this being made from the ground up with new code afaik), are as follows,

  1.  New body customization options (horse/dog cocks, different ears/tails/body textures and color patterns)
  2. Revamped maps
  3. Fishing
  4. New enemy types (Incubus, cat boys)
  5. New clothing options (specifically underwear can be worn under "regular" clothes, and vibrators, cock rings(to be added), and the like can be worn under those as well.
  6. combat overhaul (magic and stamina are separate, non-magic skill will be introduced later, if I'm not mistaken)
  7. New jobs at the city (underground fighting ring, stripper)
  8. Milk store seems to be merged with the nursery; idk when or how the milking scenes will make a comeback (I miss those personally)
  9. More options that'd appeal those with preferences for furries and male partners
  10.  Pregnancies are more prominent, when enabled, and the child is automatically put in the nursery

And that's as much as I can think of atm. from what I know, more things, old and new, are coming in future updates...

or, should I say, cumming? :p

Yay, senpai is considering my suggestion! xD

but, yeah, I'm pretty sure that different ball sizes wouldn't just appeal to hyper fans; given how androgynous the PC is, someone's bound to like having a character with a small sack to go with a mini shlong. (now that I checked what the small option looks like, it  does seem rather odd having balls hanging that low with a micropeen  >.>)

Hello again! just wanted to pop back again to say thank you for this great game! just recently got to check out the Succubus Tower (or as I sometimes nickname it, the Tower of Succ) and I absolutely love the new layout.

 I'm still waiting excitedly for the hyper stuff, which actually got me wondering, do you think hyper balls (or at least different sizes) would be possible?

On another note, I also wanted to say that this game inspired me to dust off the RPGM VX program I had lying around to try making my own game; wanted to for years, but I guess only now I found my muse, so to speak. thank you, by the way!

P.S.: Should I feel ashamed it was porn that motivated me to start working on my dream project? And does it foreshadow what turns it might take? (insert dramatic_chipmunk.gif here)

Hey just wanted to thank you for this excellent game, the original one you made was one of my favorites (along with TiTS and Nimin) when I heard you were making a remastered version with hyper cocks and furries I almost tore at the seams with excitement. Lately, I've had a few questions on my mind which bugged me enough to, for the first time ever, contact an x-rated game developer. first, are you planning on adding accessories like cock cages, chastity belts, and anal plugs? Second, are you considering including mpreg? (such as letting the slimes in the ruined lab "impregnate" the PC anally) and last, but not least, how far away is megacocks? Sorry for the word wall here, I'm just ecstatic for your project! 

P.S.: Thank you for gracing our meager mortal lives with your art!