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Hey Indivi, not sure if you remember, but a few months ago I asked about the possibility of different sizes of balls on the player character (namely hyper-sized). I recall that the response was that you'd consider it, and now, after some thought and reading an earlier question concerning mid-term pregnancy, I'm wondering if I was asking too much; you might end up facing similar problems int terms of scenes and graphics, and that thought didn't cross my mind until it was brought up. That being said, is testicle sizes off the table, or are you still considering it? Sorry if I'm being a bit pushy, by the way; just don't want to get my hopes up for a feature that might be too difficult to implement.

Hey yes, I remember~. Different-sized balls won't be as big of an issue, because chances are only the player character, and maybe a few NPC's will have that option. Whereas, the player and most to all of the girl NPC's will likely have preggers available to them, which would require drawing a crazy amount of duplicate clothes. That would be way too unfeasible.